February 18, 2011

Before forming A PERFECT CIRCLE with TOOL singer Maynard James Keenan in 2000, guitarist Billy Howerdel spent several years working as a guitar tech and computer programmer on the GUNS N' ROSES album "Chinese Democracy", which finally came out in 2008 after a 15-year wait. With all the stories about GUNS frontman Axl Rose being eccentric and difficult to work with, The Pulse Of Radio asked Howerdel for his view.

"You know, stories are there for a reason, and there's always some truth to exaggerations and a lot of times there's none, you know, so you can look at it whatever way you want to," he said. "You know, I had a really good time working in that camp. You know, Axl was a really hard worker, had a big vision for something he cared passionately about and, you know, it was definitely an interesting two-and-a-half some-odd years of my life."

A PERFECT CIRCLE drummer Josh Freese also spent some time playing with GUNS N' ROSES in the studio, which is how he and Howerdel met.

A PERFECT CIRCLE's current lineup consists of guitarist Billy Howerdel, singer Maynard James Keenan, drummer Josh Freese, guitarist James Iha and new bassist Matt McJunkins.

Howerdel also plans to work on a new record from his other band, ASHES DIVIDE, while Keenan is working on his winery, a PUSCIFER DVD and, eventually, a new TOOL album.

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