A PERFECT CIRCLE To Debut New Material On Upcoming Tour

September 14, 2010

A PERFECT CIRCLE has announced that it will go out on a five-city tour this fall, marking the band's first shows since 2004. Dates and ticket information will be announced shortly, but the venues and cities have been confirmed as the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, the Avalon in Los Angeles, the Showbox in Seattle, the Fillmore in San Francisco and the Pearl in Las Vegas.

All the cities except Vegas will be three-night stands, with each night featuring one of the band's albums performed in its entirety: 2000's "Mer de Noms", 2003's "Thirteenth Step" and 2004's "eMOTIVe". Las Vegas will be a two-night outing and "eMOTIVe" will be excluded from that run.

A PERFECT CIRCLE will also perform on ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on October 27.

A PERFECT CIRCLE singer Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel both tell RollingStone.com that they are working on new material, trading ideas over e-mail. The writing "never really stopped," says Keenan. "We always had music bouncing back and forth, but [this] just seemed like the right time" to regroup.

With A PERFECT CIRCLE being without a record label at the moment, Keenan says "it's kind of a good time to take what I've learned with [Maynard's other band] PUSCIFER as far as being independent — do a few songs at a time, build it slowly — possibly — back up to where it was. The hard part is not falling back into the old pattern of how we used to approach it." "The clock is ticking," Howerdel adds, "and we have intentions of playing a new song or two at these shows."

Keenan hopes the band will continue touring after November. "Maybe not in this format," he tells RollingStone.com. "It might be more like a regular several week tour, instead of it being the multiple-night album shows."

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Meanwhile, PUSCIFER is preparing a DVD for release in early 2011 that will capture the project's live experience. The disc will contain new and old comedy skits as well as musical performances.

Keenan is hoping to get "Office Space" star Ron Livingston and "True Blood" actress Lizzy Caplan on board for the DVD. He recently appeared in the movie "Queens Of Country" with the pair.

Keenan also told Spin that his main band, TOOL, is working on its next record, saying, "They are getting together and writing. I'll be popping back into L.A. soon to check in."

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