A PERFECT CIRCLE To Take Long Break After Spring Tour

March 29, 2004

A PERFECT CIRCLE plan on taking a long break following their June 13 concert in Denver to allow singer Maynard James Keenan to work on the follow-up to TOOL's 2001 offering "Lateralus" and primary songwriter Billy Howerdel to record a solo album.

"We don't have any intention of breaking up or anything," Howerdel told MTV.com. "I've written some stuff I haven't presented to the rest of the band yet, and we have played a couple other things at soundcheck. I just nod to the sound guy to hit 'record' so we can listen back to it later. If we use that stuff, that would be a totally different way of approaching songwriting for this band. It's always been more of a singular process, but with the new guys in the band, their interest in us working more as a band could be a very interesting and cool thing."

According to Howerdel, the material on his solo material will likely be upbeat and uplifting. "For now, I'm singing on [the songs]," he said. "But I'm keeping an eye to the corner and looking for another singer. Also, I want to find a producer to help me readdress a lot of things and maybe reconstruct everything from the ground up."

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