March 17, 2003

Los Angeles-based thrashers DREAMS OF DAMNATION, featuring former DARK ANGEL axeman Jim Durkin, have announced the addition of rhythm guitarist Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, PAGAN WAR MACHINE) into the band. The new, five-piece lineup debuted at the Metal For Cancer benefit on March 1.

Steve Gaines shared his thoughts on joining D.O.D.:

"I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this band. I spent so much time around them that I learned their songs on guitar, and as a goof, I sat in with them at a rehearsal, and it went from there. From their first show in 2000 (when ABATTOIR shared a bill with them),I have had the good fortune of watching them grow from an incredible power trio into a world-class band with the addition of [vocalist] Loana. I have probably been their biggest fan, and have been their head roadie, and would've continued to do so if not for the fact that they asked me to join — as a guitar player, no less! I can give DREAMS OF DAMNATION 100% of my attention and honor my commitments to ABATTOIR and PAGAN WAR MACHINE. Charlie, Mayhem, Loana and Jimmy are great people, good friends, and the kind of people you would go into battle with and for. I love their work ethic, and above all, their fearlessness. I cannot wait for what comes next..."

States D.O.D. founding member/lead guitarist Jim Durkin:

"Steve Gaines is a gifted musician and one of the hardest-working people I know. Having him in the band has been an incredible asset. When we were just a 3-piece band playing small clubs, Steve was always one of the guys in the front row and has helped us out with our equipment more times than I can count. I'd considered adding a second guitarist since the first days of the band, but no one ever seemed to fit. This is just one of those situations where the choice was obvious... He was under our nose the entire time [laughs]! It's easy to work with kindred spirits, and if ever I had a brother in music, Steve's it. D.O.D. has evolved into exactly what I wanted it to be. When our fans see us play live again, they'll know exactly what I mean."

DREAMS OF DAMNATION will be opening for IMMOLATION, GRAVE, GOATWHORE, and DECEMBER on Monday, June 9 at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California.

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