ABORYM Singer Arrested For Possession Of Ecstasy Pills

November 20, 2002

Former MAYHEM and current ABORYM singer Attila Csihar is currently being held in jail in Treviso, northern Italy, where he was recently arrested for possession of 158 ecstasy pills and a small amount of hash. "We don't know yet about how much he will get, but a trial should be set around December," the rest of ABORYM said in an official statement. "Cross your fingers upside down! We will make you have news as soon as we get them, so many things you may hear about that case NOT coming from US may be as well considered pure bullshit.

"Now, before you start thinking about that: ABORYM WON'T stop because of this," the band added. "We will continue (as Attila himself asked us to do) and our third masterpiece with Attila Csihar on vocals will be released in January 2003 by Code666 in Europe and later by WW3 (Mercenary Musick) in USA, as previously planned. His arrest wont affect in any way the release of such a masterpiece. This shitty situation is not enough to make us turn back or stop. We will continue to play and perform the most extreme music."

ABORYM's third album, "With No Human Intervention", will be released in January. A digipak version of the CD will include as a special CD-ROM bonus track the "With No Human Intervention" EPK-video.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Antichristian Codec (intro)
02. With No Human Intervention
03. U.V. Impaler
04. Humechanics-Virus
05. Does Not Compute
06. Faustian Spirit Of The Earth
07. Digital Goat Masque
08. The Triumph
09. Black Hole Spell
10. Me(N)Tal Striken Terror Action
11. 11 Out Of Shell
12. Chernobyl Generation
13. The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart
14. Automatik Rave'olution Aborym

Among the guest musicians/songwriters contributing to the album are Bård "Faust" Eithun (ex-EMPEROR, now drummer in DISSECTION),Nattefrost (leader of CARPATHIAN FOREST),and Irrumator (mastermind of the ANAAL NATHRAKH).

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