AC/DC Looking Ahead To New LP, Live Shows

February 8, 2003

AC/DC will fulfill their contract by delivering their next studio set to Elektra, after which the veteran rock act will make their subsequent two albums for Epic, guitarist Malcolm Young told

This spring, the band will begin work on their final Elektra album. The band haven't yet decided on a producer for the CD, but Malcolm told Billboard the band have often thought of once again working with Robert John "Mutt" Lange, producer of such classics as "Back in Black", "Highway to Hell", and "For Those About To Rock".

"He did a great job back then for us," he said. "So we've always had the idea, every now and then, maybe we should get Mutt back involved. But it comes down to the songs at the end of the day. If it's just a good ole rock'n'roll album, we may go with George, our brother, who produced the first four or five albums. There's other new producers around at the moment, but we haven't really looked into that ourselves."

The as-yet-untitled album does not currently have a set release date. "We'd love to do it really quick," Malcolm admitted. "We'd like to be on the road tomorrow, to be honest. That's our real job — that's what we love doing. That's the best part of it, being onstage. I know we've played a lot of the same tracks for many years, but we've got such a good band, especially with [original member] Phil [Rudd] drumming back with it."

"It's different every night, there's a different slant to it — some nights, things just sound 10 times better than they should be," he concluded. "It just gives us that adrenaline charge when we go on. We know we're gonna come off two hours later, but we're pushing it all the way — we build it right through, it's amazing how it happens. It's sort of magical, because you couldn't do it in a rehearsal like that, you need that audience in front, and that's really what gets us going. When we see them going, we just fall in line with them, and keep the energy level up, and then we like to take them over the top, one extra, up to 11!"

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