AC/DC's JOHNSON On DEF LEPPARD's 'X': They've Been Listening To People In Suits Again

January 2, 2003

Brian Johnson, frontman for the Australian rock legends AC/DC, recently admitted that he was less than impressed with the latest effort from DEF LEPPARD — a band whose musical output he had previously appreciated and whose career he had followed with interest as a fan and as a friend.

"I know Joe [Elliott] from DEF LEPPARD," Johnson told "I've suffered through their deaths and losing their homes, and I got a complimentary [copy of their new] album [entitled 'X'] sent to me, and when I heard it I just went, 'What the hell has happened to you guys? You've been listening to people in suits again. Haven't you?' "

Johnson, who recently collaborated with JACKYL on the track "Kill The Sunshine" off their latest effort, "Relentless", believes that bands like JACKYL and AC/DC perform rock 'n' roll the way it was meant to be played: as unpolished and as "pure" as possible.

" 'Relentless' is good and its raw," the singer explained. "If you don't like it, put it down and get back to GORDON LIGHTFOOT and CHRISTINA AGUILERA. It's raw stuff that gets the old soul in the boots going. That's what we (AC/DC) do... I'm not trying to pretend that we do anything better than that. It's exactly the same. I remember in the mid to late '80s, one of our record company guys came to us and said we were going to have to change . Everybody has got these lovely leather coats on... I'm not going to tell you what we said to them, but what's that got to do with music? JACKYL are the same. They're just good boys that play good music."

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