AEROSMITH Guitarist Comments On STEVEN TYLER's Rehab Stint

May 23, 2008

AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry has spoken to about reports that after two decades of clean living, the group's 60-year-old frontman Steven Tyler has checked himself into a drug rehab clinic in Pasadena, California.

"I actually haven't talked to [Steven] in a while," Perry tells during in an interview to promote the upcoming Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game. "We spend most of our time off the road split up that's just how it goes." Does he know what Tyler's in rehab for? "I'm not sure, but I hope he's doing OK."

Meanwhile, Perry is undergoing his own recovery from a recent total knee-replacement surgery. "I'm about eight or nine weeks out from it," he tells "I still walk with a cane, but I'll be up and running probably within the next month. We have some press to do for Guitar Hero and hopefully I'll be able to make some of those events."

Tyler reportedly checked into the Pasadena Recovery Center, the site where Dr. Drew Pinsky practices and also the setting for the reality TV show "Celebrity Rehab". There's been no official word about what addiction Tyler is dealing with. The band members had serious drug problems in the late '70s and early '80s, but Tyler has been clean and sober since 1986.

In September 2006, Tyler revealed that he'd been diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2003 and had undergone 11 months of treatment. He said he wanted to share his experience and knowledge with others.

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