AEROSMITH's Former Manager Slaps Band With Libel Lawsuit

September 8, 2003

The former manager of AEROSMITH has slapped the band with a libel lawsuit over a VH1 "Behind the Music" special, according to the New York Daily News.

David Krebs, who managed the Massachusets rockers from 1972 through 1984, claims AEROSMITH defamed his name and reputation in the show by suggesting that he stole from them through unfair transactions.

"This is not about money, it's about principle and truth," Krebs told the Daily News. "They accuse me of stealing."

While Krebs has not sued VH1, he blames the Viacom-owned network which aired the AEROSMITH program a year ago.

"They promote themselves as 'Music First,' they should be called 'Music Last,' " Krebs said.

Krebs was interviewed by the show's producers and his comments are included in the program.

"Did we steal from them? No," he says on the show, according to a transcript provided by Krebs.

The manager and AEROSMITH have a long history of bad blood, music sources said. The band members are said to be bitter over deals Krebs and his partner Steve Leber crafted back in the early 1970s that gave the handlers a big stake in the band's music publishing rights.

In the program, AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler and band member Joe Perry moan about their money woes in the early '80s, and according to Krebs they suggest that he and his partner are to blame.

Krebs said he tried to call Tyler after the program aired last year but got no response.

Back in the '70s and '80s, Krebs and Leber were among rock's premier managers, handling such superstars as AC/DC, TED NUGENT and DEF LEPPARD. After scoring millions, in the early '90s Krebs left the rock world to launch a magazine called National Times.

He has now returned to the rock scene in a low-profile role, handling a music venture called TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA.

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