AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER Talks About Daughter's Marriage To PAPA ROACH Drummer

November 12, 2003

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler recently spoke to the Grand Forks Herald about the experience of having his daughter Mia marry PAPA ROACH drummer David Bruckner during an Oct. 26 AEROSMITH concert in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

"[It was] incredible," Tyler said. "She came to the gig with her boyfriend, and you know, she looked at him, and he looked at her, and they said, 'You know what Las Vegas is for.' And I said, 'Yeah, but you're not going to do that until January, right?' (Laughing) I said, 'Wait a minute, you're going to get married, aren't you?' And Mia said, 'Well, you know.' I said, 'Why don't you just get married on stage and get it over with?' So, I got my road manager and had him talk to the manager of MGM Grand, and he got me a judge, which I just got the bill for. And the judge came down, so he married them between 'Walk This Way' and 'Cryin'. So, it was beautiful. Kind of sad.

"I wish she'd have waited, but I got that feeling, you know. That look in her eyes that she wasn't thinking of waiting. Plus, what a great thing. I got on stage in front of 20,000 people. I walked out and said, 'Look, I need a favor. I don't ask you a lot, right? Just this one time.' They were looking at me like, what? I said, 'My daughter wants to get married tonight, but I've got a problem. I need a witness. Can I get a witness?' And they roared and I brought her out and the place went crazy."

When asked what he thinks of having both his daughters (Mia and actress Liv Tyler) married to musicians, Tyler said, "Well, what are you going to do, right? I asked both, 'Are you in love with my daughter?' And they both said yes. In fact, Liv's husband (Royston Langdon, lead singer and bass player of the rock band SPACEHOG) called me up and said, 'Can I have your daughter's hand in marriage?' It was really sweet. All you can really do is look the kids in the eye and say, 'Do you really love him? Do you think you're doing the right thing?' Make eye contact. It's really important. Other than that, you can be a stupid parent and sit on the porch with the shotgun. That stuff doesn't work. I was just getting drunk every night at their age, so far be it that they're getting married and that's it, and they're sober and happy."

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