May 7, 2002

The following report was posted at MSNBC's The Scoop:

Are the members of AEROSMITH planning to walk their own way? A source close to the long-lived group says that in-fighting among the members has gotten so bad that the band is on the verge of splitting.

"They would be fighting except that they're barely speaking to each other," says a well-placed source. The insider says much of the tension can be traced back to lead singer Steven Tyler. "His ego is out of control," says the insider.

A spokesman for the group laughs off the talk, pointing out that the group has a greatest hits album coming out in June and is going on tour in August. "They're like brothers," he said. "They've been together for 30 years."

Is there tension among the members, The Scoop asked. "As I said, they're like brothers," says the spokesman. "Let's just say there's no talk of splitting."

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