AHOLA's 'Stoneface' Lands On Finnish Chart

May 6, 2012

"Stoneface", the debut album from AHOLA, the new "vital rock act" launched by Jarkko Ahola of the Finnish metal groups TERÄSBETONI and NORTHERN KINGS, has entered the official chart in the band's home country at position No. 41. Released on April 25, the CD was recorded at Headline Studio in Tampere.

Commented Ahola: "AHOLA is a band that strives from the foundation of rock giving the listeners those vibes that the songs made people feel during the golden era of rock and heavy music. We write our music boldly and by experimenting new stuff, bringing the good stuff to this day, with a modern and unique twist and sound."

"Stoneface" track listing:

01. Donwana
02. Beerland
03. As Long As I Live (Rock 'N' Roll Is Not Dead)
04. Hurricane
05. Restless
06. The Spell
07. I Walk Alone
08. We Want Out
09. Eat Me Alive
10. Livin' The Dream
11. Stoneface
12. I Want You
13. Does It Matter What I Wear
14. Hurt You
15. Cold'n'Lonely'

A nine-minute YouTube clip containing audio samples of the songs on "Stoneface" is available below.

AHOLA in August 2011 announced the addition of guitarist Antti Karhumaa to the group's ranks.

According to a press release, AHOLA "has a suitable mix of past and present — which is always an essential part of rock music. The band's musical core consists of hit tunes, feeling and of course the skill to write and play true and powerful rock music, wherein the authenticity and emotion are relevant, leaving the vain posing to others."

Commented Ahola: "AHOLA is something I've been working on for a long time.

"From the beginning I've written rock songs in English, but since being a musician, you find yourself doing something you did never expect like singing and playing in a huge act called TERÄSBETONI or participating a cool project called NORTHERN KINGS. I guess that's part of the fascination!

"Anyway, still riff-based rock being the heart of my musical world, I wanted to add some spice to the soup and do something that I wasn't so familiar with: super tightness, speed… a flavor of punk rock, you might say."

He continued, "The way I want to see AHOLA's music is: songs are, I dare say, approachable with catchy choruses but when giving the songs a deeper thought, loaded with layers you can dig into. You can hear echoes from classic rock of the '70s, alternative rock and metal of the '90s and last decade, pop music in general, that punk rock I mentioned and… well, listen to yourselves."


Jari "Jamo" Laitinen: Bass
Jarkko Ahola: Vocals, Guitar
Antti Mäkelä: Drums
Antti Karhumaa: Guitar

For more information, visit the AHOLAFacebook page.

"Stoneface" audio samples:

"Hurricane" audio stream:

Photo by Samuli Karala

(Thanks: Melica / Night Elves)

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