November 17, 2005

AKERCOCKE vocalist/guitarist Jason Mendonca has issued a statement confirming that the group's European tour with MORTICIAN and BLOOD RED THRONE is continuing despite MORTICIAN vocalist/bassist Will Rahmer's recent arrest in Poland on a charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon. His statement reads as follows:

"There has been trouble in Poland. That much I can confirm. Please rest assured that the tour IS continuing. MORTICIAN continue to headline despite Will's absence. Ozzy from BLOOD RED THRONE and I have been filling in on vokills with Matt and Pete sharing bass duties. Nothing has been compromised set-wise. MORTICIAN are performing their full set as intended. Please come out and continue to support the tour. It's the fans that make this fucking thing happen. We all need you to come out and help us see this through. The show is still destroying depite Mr. Rahmer's absense. Please help us circulate this news. Internet and telephone access is difficult for us here in Eastern Europe.

The folowing dates WILL go ahead:

Nov. 17 - Munich
Nov. 18 - Arena Vienna
Nov. 19 - Italy Transyvanialive Bassabo Del Grappa
Nov. 20 - Italy Rome
Nov. 21 - Gasswerk Switzerland

"Brothers and sisters, please circulate this info. I am the horse's mouth. The tour is still going on normally!"

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