ALICE COOPER: 'No One Expected The Whole World To Be Stopped By A Microscopic Germ'

May 18, 2020

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper has spoken out about the inspiration for his new single, "Don't Give Up". Produced by Bob Ezrin using remote technology, the track is a spontaneous reaction to the challenges facing us all right now.

In a newly released video message, Alice said (see below): "Well, this song was totally born out of consequence. No one expected the whole world to be stopped by a microscopic germ. And I thought it was time that Alice write a song that was encouraging.

"It's a scary world right now and we've lost a lot of people and a lot of people have been sick and we've just seen how helpless we can be. And my idea was encouragement — we're stronger than this thing; we're tougher than that; we're the human race. So don't fear it. Don't give up. Keep fighting.

"To me, that was the whole idea of the song. Let's not step off the ledge. Let's all be on the same game here. And at the same time, we'll beat it. It just takes time — that's all.

"But it shows how something so small can stop an entire world. Pretty interesting."

Just three weeks ago, the rock icon invited fans to participate in the "Don't Give Up" video that Cooper and his bandmembers were filming separately during quarantine. Over 20,000 responded, holding up signs and messages of unity, using words from the lyrics.

The official video for "Don't Give Up" was uploaded to Cooper's official YouTube channel and can be viewed below.

A strictly limited "Don't Give Up" seven-inch vinyl picture disc will be released on August 14 on earMUSIC.

This past March, Cooper told Rolling Stone that he would use the downtime from having his North American tour postponed to work on new music.

"While our management is working to reschedule the postponed shows, I'm going to finish work on my next album, which is nearly done," he said. "At least now I won't be squeezing in vocal recording sessions on days off, between shows. I don't like a lot of time off, as anyone who sees my schedule already knows, but a little extra time at home can be re-energizing."

Cooper's latest release — the six-track "Breadcrumbs" EP, described as a tribute to the garage-rock heroes of his hometown of Detroit — was released in September via earMUSIC.

"Breadcrumbs" featured covers of Bob Seger's "East Side Story", the MC5's "Sister Anne", Suzi Quatro's "Your Mama Won't Like Me" and MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS' "Devil With A Blue Dress On", plus a reworking of "Detroit City" from 2003's "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper" album, titled "Detroit City 2020", and a new song co-written with Wayne Kramer, "Go Man Go".

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