ALICE COOPER To Raise Money For Christian-Based Foundation

December 17, 2004

Larry Rodgers of The Arizona Republic reports: When Alice Cooper and his endless list of show-biz pals raise funds for the non-profit Solid Rock Foundation through the singer's Christmas Pudding concert, he's hoping to pass the word about the life-changing personal foundation he established after years in the wild world of rock.

The Valley-based singer, who still tours internationally with his band, is hoping that Saturday's fourth edition of the concert — starring Ted Nugent (with the reunited DAMN YANKEES),Glen Campbell, the GIN BLOSSOMS and comic Sinbad — will raise about $100,000 to help the charity provide programs for underprivileged children in several facets of life, including spiritual growth.

Groups seeking grants from the Christian-based foundation, which has distributed about $1 million, must agree to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as part of their work, which includes providing education, recreation, medicine, food and shelter for young people around Arizona.

Although Cooper, a co-founder of the Scottsdale-based group, is the son of a minister, he says he drifted far from the church when his band was topping the charts and selling out arenas in the '70s.

"I did just about everything you could do in the world of rock and roll," says Cooper, 56.

"But you get to a point where you've bought everything you want — cars, houses — and you're still not satisfied. You start to ask, ‘What else is out there?'." Read more.

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