All-Female Metal Band CONQUER DIVIDE To Release Debut Album In July

May 28, 2015

All-female metal sextet CONQUER DIVIDE will release its self-titled debut on July 24 via Artery Recordings. The CD was produced by Joey Sturgis (ASKING ALEXANDRIA, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, WE CAME AS ROMANS) and will feature the song "At War", which was made available last November.

"This record is the culmination of many years of hard work. It's a representation of where we've been and where we are headed musically. It's something we are all proud of," said CONQUER DIVIDE guitarist Kristen.

"Conquer Divide" track listing:

01. Sink Your Teeth Into This
02. Self Destruct
03. Eyes Wide Shut
04. Nightmares
05. Lost
06. What's Left Inside
07. At War
08. Despicable You
09. Heavy Lies The Crown
10. Broken

Since its formation in late 2012, CONQUER DIVIDE has managed to create a unique, modern and ever-apparent dichotomy of beautiful elegance and intense aggression that intertwines seamlessly with one another. The music certainly doesn't spare any dynamics, with the album taking the listener on a roller coaster ride of divergent stylistic qualities representing each of their musical tastes.

It's not exactly a secret that the group is comprised of all girls, but you wouldn't know simply by listening to one of their songs. However, don't let their image fool you. "We are all girls, and you cant hide that, but we want people to focus more on the quality of the music," drummer Tamara reveals.

"It wasn't an easy thing finding girls who not only were passionate about this type of music, but could play it well." So after years of looking in the States, they were forced to look all over the world, auditioning over 200 girls. They are subsequently based in two countries, the United States and England, but this hasn't slowed them down any.

"Well, these girls have been spending time, you know, a year, maybe two years writing some of these songs, and when you have that much time invested into a project, it's definitely passionate," says Sturgis. "So I knew I had to be involved in some way, because I really like to work with passionate musicians who really care about what they're doing

"Joey has really helped bring our songs to life," says vocalist Kiarely. "He has pushed us to the limit and made us think outside the box. He is an amazing producer and we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. He definitely brought out the best in all of us."

"I'm heavily influenced by bands such as PARKWAY DRIVE and AUGUST BURNS RED," Izzy says, "so melodies and heaviness were essential when I was looking to join a band."

"We wanted to stay true to our roots," explains guitarist Kristen. "Everything we've written comes from a real life experience. Music, like any art medium, has always been a form of catharsis for us, it's all about trying to take something negative that happened in your life and turn it into something positive. And we've had a lot of pent up anger to get out on this record. But we did our best to move past those issues and turn them into something for the greater good, because, I think, the whole idea is, if I can't heal from my art, how can you heal from it?" "Yeah, we've poured our hearts into this record and we really hope people can connect with it on some level," Sarah adds.

Continues Kristen: "We really wanted to take our time on our first album, and because of that, we've grown tremendously as songwriters. So this album really reflects where we've been, where we are and where we are headed."


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