January 7, 2010

Candlelight Records has announced the signing of the Irish experimental black metal band ALTAR OF PLAGUES.

Commented the group: "ALTAR OF PLAGUES are very glad to announce we have signed with Candlelight Records in Europe. We are proud to sit on a roster alongside many bands that we have long admired and that have been a constant source of inspiration for what we do, particularly the likes of EMPEROR, ENSLAVED and BLUT AUS NORD. We feel Candlelight's aesthetic compliments what we do perfectly and we're looking forward to working alongside them in 2010 and beyond."

ALTAR OF PLAGUES was formed in 2006. Terms that are most frequently used to describe the group's style include black metal, ambient and progressive or post-metal, though it seems no one description can sum up the act's massive sound. The act themselves consider black metal to be the genre to which they are most attached, but, on the contrary, they have also been quoted to take influence from acts as diverse as EMPEROR, BJORK, and ARVO PÄRT.

The band's untraditional aesthetic and approach to their music has led to ALTAR OF PLAGUE appealing to a wide variety of listeners and this may be seen by the diverse range of acts ALTAR OF PLAGUES have toured with, including ISIS and MAYHEM, as well as having appeared at festivals that focus on "extreme" metal and festivals that encourage experimentation and diversity.

Following the release of only one demo and an EP, ALTAR OF PLAGUES signed to Canadian label Profound Lore Records. In 2009 the act released "White Tomb", an album that was described by a number of critics as one of 2009's best and most exciting releases (and was featured in Decibel magazine's "Best of 2009" list). Last year saw the band tour extensively throughout Europe, and now 2010 is proving to be an even more promising year for the act, with a forthcoming EP release on Roadburn Records as well as an appearance at the renowned Roadburn festival and more extensive touring.

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