AMASEFFER Seeking New Label Home

May 31, 2009

Israeli heavy metal band AMASEFFER has issued the following update:

"Due to reasons [that we will keep] to ourselves, we have decided not to implement the rest of our contract with InsideOut/SPV. We are now in negotiations with new record labels and will post news regarding that soon.

"We are now in pre-production stages of our new album (which is the second part of our Biblical trilogy). Three songs are ready and finished, including Mats' [Levén; KRUX, ex-THERION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) vocals and so far we are extremely happy with them. The new songs are direct continuation to our debut, 'Slave for Life', but yet again much heavier and in your face, so expect a big surprise with the new album.

"We hope to finish the album by the end of this summer and hoping to release it by the end of the year or beginning of next year at the [latest]."

AMASEFFER's debut album, "Exodus - Slaves for Life", is a concept effort based on the Biblical story of the Exodus. The second CD will deal with the story of the Jewish people's Exodus from Egypt, and a third album will complete the trilogy about the history of the people of Israel as portrayed in the Old Testament.

Israel National Radio (INR) conducted an interview with Erez Yohanan of AMASEFFER. The chat is available for streaming at this location.

Yohanan grew up in a secular home in Tel Aviv, and spent five years playing in bands in New York before returning to Israel. His bandmates Yuval Kramer and Hanan Avramovitch are both guitarists from Jerusalem.

AMASEFFER recently shot videos for two songs off "Exodus - Slaves for Life": "Slaves For Life" and "The Burning Bush". Both videos were helmed by Israeli director Tal Engelstein (founder and singer of heavy rock band 195DB)."

A widget for "Exodus - Slaves for Life", featuring guest appearances by Mats Levén, Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY) and Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND),is available below.

Hanan Avramovich (guitars),Yuval Kramer (guitars) and Erez Yohanan (drums) offer a unique mixture of progressive metal and epic Middle East-influenced orchestral film score parts played by a full symphony orchestra. All lead vocals were sung by Levén.

The album was recorded and mixed by Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS, ABYDOS) and the artwork was created by Mattias Norén (EVERGREY, KAMELOT, EPICA).

"Exodus - Slaves for Life" was released in June 2008.

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