AMERICAN DOG Prepare To Issue Sophomore CD

September 29, 2002

Columbus, Ohio-based AMERICAN DOG, featuring former SALTY DOG bassist Michael Hannon, will release their second studio album, Red, White, Black And Blue, on October 1st through Outlaw Recordings. The release date was set back due to guitarist Steve Theado's run-in with a Buick in a hit-and-run accident back on January 12th that left the guitarist's body broken but not his spirit for delivering the hot, tasty, bluesy grinding licks from a wheelchair in the studio.

Hannon recently commented on the new CD: "We just went into the studio, avoided click tracks and those fucking drum machines and went straight to business and laid down the tracks. We didn't even bother with headphones. Sure, I could sit down and write a pop hit and do it for the money but I'd rather be doing what I do best- write from my gut and play the music I love best- shit-kicking hard-ass drinkin' songs!"

The full track listing for Red, White, Black And Blue is as follows:

01. Shitkicker
02. Train
03. Can't Throw Stones
04. Dog Will Hunt
05. Glad It's Over
06. Blame It On The Booze
07. Motor's Down
08. Swallow My Pride
09. Can't Stop The Rain
10. I Keep Drinkin' (You're Still Ugly)
11. Hear Me Howlin'
12. Bullshit! (GODDAMMIT)

For more information on AMERICAN DOG, visit the band's official web site at this location.

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