AMON AMARTH Drummer Launches Side Project

September 9, 2003

CURRICULUM MORTIS, the Swedish band featuring Fredrik Andersson (AMON AMARTH, A CANOROUS QUINTET) on drums, guitar and bass, Leo Pignon (A CANOROUS QUINTET) on guitar, and Mattias Leinikka (GUIDANCE OF SIN) on vocals, have made available copies of their long-completed first demo, titled "Into Death", via their official web site,

Although CURRICULUM MORTIS were formed as far back as 2001, it wasn't until August 2002 that the first demo got recorded, mainly due to conflicting schedules. It took an additional four months before the demo was mixed and another half a year before it got pressed.

"The songs on 'Into Death' are the result of long, hard work with no compromise," according to an official press release. "The music of CURRICULUM MORTIS will surprise listeners with its unique riffs, its mix of brutality and harmonies and its excellent musicianship."

The complete track listing for "Into Death" is as follows:

01. Kill All Life (mp3)
02. Into Death
03. Walls Of Ice
04. Frail (mp3)
05. Preserve You Forever

CURRICULUM MORTIS's "Into Death" will be featured as "Demo Of The Month" in the October issue of Sweden's biggest metal magazine, Close-Up.

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