ANAL C**T Frontman SETH PUTNAM Discussed Death, Drugs Six Months Before He Passed

June 13, 2011

Six months before his passing, Seth Putnam of ANAL CUNT gave a lengthy interview to Putnam discussed his thoughts on death; why he still abused drugs and alcohol after his coma; and what might be inscribed on his tombstone. has reposted the interview at this location. Excerpts follow below. Your overdose and coma in 2004 were well documented. How has your life changed since you went through that and were hospitalized or has your life changed at all?

Seth Putnam: I woke up from the coma and couldn't move any part of my body for a long time. I couldn't walk straight. When I was in the hospital, the doctors figured out that I was depressed and they should put me on anti-depressants. So it might be the best thing that ever happened to me because I'm not always depressed anymore and don't want to kill myself all the time. Right now, I'm on Celexa. They originally put me on Prozac and then they switched me to Celexa. Now that you are taking anti-depressants, have you quit doing drugs or drinking?

Seth Putnam: Nope. I can't party like I did before the coma because I can't handle it. But I still do a lot. I can still probably out-drink or out-drug the average person. But I don't do as much. So it might be a shot of heroin or a shot of cocaine or a shot of liquor or a drink of liquor. Anything possible. After you came out of the coma and started to recover did you ever consider changing your life? That wasn't destined to be?

Seth Putnam: The minute I woke up, I asked my girlfriend to go to the liquor store. She wouldn't go and I was like, "Stop being a cunt and go to the liquor store." So I said, "Get me out of bed and I'll go," and I realized I couldn't move any part of my body. After being in the hospital, my friend took me in a wheelchair to a bar. I had a bunch of drinks. The coolest day after that was when I smoked a bunch of crack. It was the first time I'd done crack in almost a year. If you hear from people that say you're nuts or stupid to continue drugs and drinking after what happened, how do you respond?

Seth Putnam: Well, when I first got out, I was wicked heavy into it again. Now I'm more in control of myself. I went into this thing called harm-reduction management. We learned to not get totally wasted all the time. I think I've figured out how to keep control of myself which I wasn't able to do before the coma. Do friends worry that you'll end up like a G.G. Allin (who died from an overdose) and that the next time you might not be as lucky?

Seth Putnam: Half of my friends do drugs and half of my friends are straight-edge. My straight-edge friends understand what I'm about. They worry about me, but they understand I'm going to do what I'm going to do. This time I know how to control myself so I don't OD. I'm not going to put myself in that position because I don't want my body to get fucked up again. Your friend John McCarthy from POST MORTEM passed away a few years ago Were you surprised he died and you are still around despite what you've done?

Seth Putnam: He was getting an SSI cheque and getting drunk on Listerine and shit like that. But I was a surprised when he died. The strangest thing was that he was a grandfather at age 40. Even when he first had a kid I thought it was strange. He was one of my best friends of all time. I could say bad things about him but I won't because the good times outweigh the bad. In 2008, we played a show in California with ANAL BLAST and THE MEAT SHITS. People were taking bets if I would die first or Don Decker from ANAL BLAST. Don died like a year later. When you die, what's going to be on your tombstone?

Seth Putnam: I have no idea. It depends on who writes it. Hopefully it won't be somebody gay.

Photo below courtesy of official ANAL CUNTMySpace page

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