ANCARA To Release 'Chasing Shadows' In October

September 9, 2009

Finnish hard rockers ANCARA will release their third album, "Chasing Shadows", on October 21 in the band's home country and a later date in other parts of Europe. According to the group, the CD's release was "postponed by two months because the band decided to release the album independently though their own Dks Music label and give the Finnish distribution in to Bonnier Amigo Music's hands. Co-operation with Timo Kotipelto (STRATOVARIUS, KOTIPELTO) [who released ANCARA's last album, 2007's 'Beyond the Dark', through his High & Loud label] still continues, with his contacts Europe has shown some interest towards ANCARA, and the band starts their European tour in October."

Commented guitarist Juha Wahlstén: "First of all, it was wonderful to make an album with a really professional producer, because you personally just tangle on the small irrelevant things and you only see your own material in a very narrow way. Our producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, LORDI, THE 69 EYES, APOCALYPTICA, SENTENCED, SEPULTURA) saw our in more neutral and open-minded way.

"The recording process started with quite a lot of pressure on me before [guitarist] Gary [real name: Tuomas Keskinen; TECHNICOLOUR, NEGATIVE, MONDAY] joined the band, because the composing responsibility was completely on my shoulders, and I had to make new songs in a few weeks. But I had doodled unused material and from those bits and pieces we made five new songs and Gary added his finishing touch in to the songs.

"When looking in to the future we have more resources for future records, because Gary is known as a splendid songmaker and arranger.

"The soundscape and material is a mixture of metal and pop-rock. I'm sure that the metalheads and old fans might feel a bit alienated at first, but hopefully also the non-metalheads might like more of our material now."

Regarding the new ANCARA album, producer Hiili Hiilesmaa said, "I am very satisfied with the result, because there was no rush in any point, so the songs and ideas were thought through. Usually the best things remained and the bad ones were dropped out with time almost naturally. In addition to that, none of the band members had ego problems, but all were equal. This is not usually self-evident when it comes to music. The need for showboating was absent.

"The album is melodic metal made in 1980s spirit but still being modern. I avoided on purpose going too much to the '80s with the sound.

"What separates ANCARA from the masses is that it doesn't flirt with dark subjects like most of the modern metal bands, and that is what makes it so fascinating Also the guys make their kind of music and I believe that one of the band's strengths is wide target audience."

A teaser for the "Tears With a Smile" video from ANCARA can be viewed below. The song — which is described as "a duet ballad" — features a guest appearance by Agnes Pihlava, a finalist in the 2005 Finnish national TV talent competition "Idols".

Commented frontman Sammy Salminen: "I wanted to write a song like 'Black Snow' from our first album. I still like the lyrics in that one. 'We Paint December' is not a preaching song, but more of a story about 'fear' images of the future. I think the humanity is painting our last colors in to our works right on the very planet, if nothing will change. The song is one of the heaviest songs on the album and it was one of the last songs that we finished in the sessions. Because planning the Christmas starts earlier each year, so how about we put to our wish lists: Dear Santa, could we get a new brain to our society?"

For more information on ANCARA, go to this location.

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