ANGUS YOUNG: AC/DC Would Consider Playing Gig At 'ACDC Lane'

July 16, 2004

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young has told Australia's The Age that the group are completing work on a new album, with a release and tour scheduled for next year. He also said they would consider playing a gig at "ACDC Lane" — the proposed new name of "Corporation Lane" in Melbourne's central business district as a tribute to Australia's most successful band.

"It's a big thing for us," Angus said of the proposed name change. "There's also a couple of rocks that some kid scientist named after us — they've got a point there. Melbourne was our stomping ground in the early years, and we're very proud that our roots are in Australia. I grew up in Sydney but always found it a bit sterile, but Melbourne was always cosy. There was lots of inspiration in Melbourne, especially lyrics-wise for Bon, tracks like 'She's Got the Jack'. And the 'High Voltage' idea. We were doing publicity photo shoots and there we were, in front of a big high-voltage unit, so that kind of sparked the idea to call the album that."

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