ANTHRAX: A Sign Of The "Times"!

December 28, 2001

The renowned and respected daily newspaper The New York Times published an article on the band ANTHRAX in the “Arts” section of its Thursday, December 27th edition, under the headline “What's In A Band's Name? Plenty If It's ANTHRAX”. The story, which carried a generally positive tone, inevitably got a few facts wrong, referring to Sound Of White Noise as the band's “first” album (it was the group's sixth),and calling Spread The Disease (sic) their “third” LP (it was ANTHRAX's second). Elsewhere in the feature, ANTHRAX's manager Dan DeVita is quoted as saying that following the anthrax terrorist attacks in late September/early October, the band's catalog album sales instantly doubled, with the group's greatest-hits CD shifting an average of 1,000 pieces a week throughout October and most of November, while Spreading The Disease allegedly doubled its weekly sales of about 100 records. As previously reported, ANTHRAX are currently at Beartracks Studios in Suffern, New York recording their ninth studio album, tentatively entitled either Taking The Music Back or Take Back The Music (depending on the source),for a March release through Nuclear Blast Records in Europe and Beyond/BMG Records in the US.

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