February 5, 2005

Contrary to an earlier announcement indicating that former ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna would share vocal duties with his replacement, John Bush, for the band's special 25-year anniversary concert at Holland's Dynamo Open Air festival on May 7 in Hellendoorn, it now appears that only Belladonna will be present at the gig. For the occasion ANTHRAX will reportedly appear in their classic pre-1993 lineup consisting of:

Scott Ian - Guitar
Joey Belladonna - Vocals
Frank Bello - Bass
Dan Spitz - Guitar
Charlie Benante - Drums

ANTHRAX are said to be planning a series of concerts featuring Belladonna, Spitz and Bello this summer, including an appearance at the 10th anniversary edition of Ozzfest. Sharon Osbourne is believed to have promised ANTHRAX a slot at this year's Ozzfest but only on the condition that they perform with the classic lineup that was responsible for some of the band's most successful albums.

A reunion of the Belladonna-era lineup has been rumored for quite some time, with SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner going so far as to say that Benante admitted that such a tour was in the works in a conversation with Bittner last month immediately following the public memorial for slain DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

In his regular online column, dubbed "Blast Beat", Benante jokingly dismissed the rumors with the following statement:

"I keep hearing about this 'reunion' [with former vocalist Joey Belladonna]. I guess things got a bit outta hand. We were talking about doing a KISS reunion. We're all going to wear KISS makeup and go out and do a KISS reunion tour. I'll be Eric Singer doing Peter Criss and YES, I'll also be singing 'Black Diamond' and 'Beck' (haha). I need to figure out a way to play in 8-inch heels. I think that's how the rumors started, maybe it was Jason from [SHADOWS FALL]? Who knows what evil thoughts lurk in the minds of... never mind."

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