May 10, 2003

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian and vocalist John Bush recently told Metal Update that they would like to see their former touring mates JUDAS PRIEST reunite with singer Rob Halford for an upcoming tour and a possible new studio album. "Of course [I want them to get back together]," Ian said. "But at the same time, I could sit here all day long and talk about what I would want, but it comes down to what those guys want and what they're happy doing. I'm not Glenn and K.K. and I'm not Rob and I'm not Ian and I'm not Ripper, and you know, those guys all have their own thing going on in their own way. . . Of course I want Rob to come back and I think, at some point, it will happen, as long as they're all still around and capable of playing. I, as a fan, believe that it will happen because. . . why not? Because, apparently, they're all getting along again — from what I read. So, I would love it to happen. That's no dis against what they're doing now or any disrespect to Ripper, or Rob's band, or anything like that. That's just from a pure fan's point of view of. I love JUDAS PRIEST and I want to see Rob singing with them again."

"Let's say this, though," Bush added. "If that happened, and, you know, I think I feel the same as Scott does. They've got to want it for more than just — like, if they want it for just to do, you know, a nostalgic tour and record, great, that's fine too. If they want to do it for, you know, maybe five years, make a couple records, that's fine — but be obvious about what you want to do. There's a couple of bands that have gotten back together, done the thing — one being KISS — that I wish they would stop now."

Read the whole interview here.

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