ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN: Our New Album 'Has Got It All'

April 24, 2003

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has posted another update to the band's official web site,

The following are select excerpts from that message:

"The [new ANTHRAX] record ['We've Come For You All'] will be out here [in the U.S.], Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mexico and anywhere else it's not out yet in two weeks. It may take a bit longer for it to reach you in Wanaka NZ but be patient. It's worth it. This record is everything I hoped it would be.

"It's always a challenge to write a record and not just follow a formula or repeat yourself. Especially after eight studio records and assorted EPs. That would be creative death. How do we do it? I don't know. Chemistry, respect, and the fun of doing it I guess. This record's got it all.

"I know a lot of you already have it. You live in Europe or Japan, or you bought the import or downloaded it. And if you downloaded it you're missing out on the best packaging we've ever had. Alex Ross cover and on the inside, every song has its own icon designed by Brent Thompson. Loads of photos, lyrics, etc. There's so much to look at. Most of you don't have it. And if you do have it, you don't have this one. The new version is enhanced with really cool live footage from the Rock Stock festival in Chicago from 1998, and three, count 'em, THREE photo gallery's chock full of pics from the one and only Andy Buchanan taken on this last European tour.

"So go get it. Tell all your friends. Support the metal!!!! America needs it. The record biz here is sucking right now. It's getting killed by DVDs and video games. I know it's a lot to ask to get you to get off your ass and go spend your hard earned cash but, I guarantee you will love this record. I GUARANTEE IT.

"We're in this for the long term. This isn't a one-week record. We plan on working this record for a year. That's what it deserves. A good first week would be great for us. It will show the retailers, radio, the biz end of thing's that there is a place for us. Let's do it. You, the loyal listener, have always been there and we will always do what we do best for you.

"I'm in that final stage of nervousness. Good nervousness. I'm so ready to get going.
Europe was killer. The best it's been in ten years. As Mr. Burns said, 'Egggscellent, the wheel has turned.' Metal is back, or really never went away over there. The shows in Europe really made us feel good. It's a good way to get started on such a positive note. And speaking of that, 'Headbanger's Ball' is back! And we're playing the kick off. Win tickets on us!!! We film on May 1 and I believe it's going to air on May 10. Just the fact that MTV is giving two hours of programming towards rock and metal is a great sign. It all comes down to ad revenue over there and they obviously feel that the Ball will bring in viewers. It's about time. We're just glad they want us to be a part of it. Hopefully it will be a good mix of new and old stuff. From SABBATH to SYSTEM and everything in between.

"The tour kicks off on May 6 in Philly and ends May 29 in LA. Check the tour section of the site for all the dates. They should all be up by the end of the week. I saw the dates for Europe in June/July and it's killer. We're going to Russia and Bulgaria for the first time."

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