ANTHRAX Sign With SANCTUARY, Set American Release Date For New CD

March 3, 2003

ANTHRAX have set a May 6 American release date through Sanctuary Records for their latest CD, "We've Come For You All".

"We've Come for You All" is the first new studio effort in five years from vocalist John Bush, guitarist Scott Ian, bass guitarist Frank Bello, drummer Charlie Benante and new guitarist Rob Caggiano. Special guests include THE WHO vocalist Roger Daltrey on "Taking the Music Back" and PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell on "Cadillac Rock Box" and "Strap It On". The album was co-produced by ANTHRAX and Scrap 60.

"It definitely sounds like ANTHRAX, and there are elements from our earlier albums. Creatively, we're on top of our game. We really pushed ourselves," Benante said in an official press release. "In the late '80s, we were pigeonholed into just doing thrash metal. The past couple of years, we've decided to take more chances with our music. On this record, I handled the majority of the music. Scott wrote more lyrics than John this time around, and Frank came up with some really good melodies."

"The new album is all metal, but there are elements that explore other territories," Benante added. "For example, I'd describe 'Cadillac Rock Box' as LYNYRD SKYNYRD-meets-1976/1977 KISS."

"But it sounds like ANTHRAX," said Ian.

Renowned comic book artist Alex Ross created the distinctive, intentionally ambiguous cover art for "We've Come For You All". "No one has ever gotten him to do an album cover before. Our webmaster suggested him and we e-mailed his agent. He has some of our records and we were thrilled when he said yes," Benante said. "I worked with him on the cover concept and it just grew. We're now actually thinking about doing a comic book based on this artwork, and our T-shirts will feature it too."

Ian added, "Alex has been my favorite artist for the last six or seven years, so to work with him on our artwork was such a huge thing for me."

ANTHRAX will begin a European tour in March and a U.S. tour in May with MOTÖRHEAD.

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