January 3, 2005

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante has posted the latest installment of his regular online column, dubbed "Blast Beat", on the group's official web site. A couple of excerpts from the column follow:

"I've been playing my DimeSlime Gitar that Darrell [Abbott] gave me. The riffs are flying out of it. I've had a burst of writing lately, I'm glad because I've been in a weird state. I guess with all that has happened, it has affected me in a creative way as well. I think playing this Gitar reminds me of him and that cheers me up.

"I'm thinking that on our next record we should leave a space in one of the songs for Darrell. We'll all just imagine the lead he'd put in there, how's that sound?

"We will be playing a benefit show with DISTURBED on February 23 in Chicago. The show is for the Dimebag Memorial Fund. I hope to see the ANTHRAXers in attendance. We will be playing a set that will include some weirrrrrrd shit.

"I keep hearing about this 'reunion' [with former vocalist Joey Belladonna]. I guess things got a bit outta hand. We were talking about doing a KISS reunion. We're all going to wear KISS makeup and go out and do a KISS reunion tour. I'll be Eric Singer doing Peter Criss and YES, I'll also be singing 'Black Diamond' and 'Beck' (haha). I need to figure out a way to play in 8-inch heels. I think that's how the rumors started, maybe it was Jason from [SHADOWS FALL]? Who knows what evil thoughts lurk in the minds of... never mind."

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