ANTHRAX VH1 Special Delayed, New Album Nearing Completion

February 5, 2002

The air date for ANTHRAX's VH1Behind The Music documentary has been pushed back a month to Sunday, March 10th, presumably due to delays in production. ANTHRAX will also appear on Headbanger's Ball Uncensored the same weekend. In other news, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante recently commented on the group's forthcoming, as-yet-untitled new CD, which is due to be issued in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records on June 24th and in the US through Beyond/BMG Records shortly thereafter. “The way I see the new album is that it is brutal in the fact that it has some of the best songwriting, I am very pleased with what I did,” Benante stated in an online chat. “I'm really happy with everyone's input on this new record too, everyone really rose to the occasion as far as lyrics, vocals, guitar playing, bass playing, I think it is one of our best records. I hate to compare it to any of our other records but it would be Among the Living meets The Sound of White Noise meets Vol. 8. The reason we are taking so long with this record is that we just wanted to let everything else come out, we didn't want to get mixed in with all the crap that's out there. We wanted people to sift through all that. It will be well worth the wait.

“On this record we are hoping to take [the production] to the next level with the drumming and the guitars. The guitars are angry when they need to be angry and they sing when they need to sing. We are looking for the right sound on the right song. If the song is angry then the guitar sound will be angry like it needs to be.”

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