Anti-IRON MAIDEN Message On Back Of Official OZZFEST T-Shirt?

July 16, 2005

An IRON MAIDEN fan with the screen name "Kaz96133" has posted the following message on the official MAIDENmessage board [NOTE: Thread has since been deleted from MAIDEN's message board]:

"Went to Ozzfest in Mansfield yesterday and noticed something on the back of the official [Ozzfest] T-shirt. At the bottom of tour dates, the words 'Iron Maiden' were written in Japanese and were crossed out with red circle and a slash. Check out the photo I took here [NOTE: Thread has since been deleted from MAIDEN's message board]. This is clearly an anti-MAIDEN message, and this is an OFFICIAL T-shirt!

"Does the band know about this? Is this some kind of inside-joke, or is Sharon [Osbourne] pissed at MAIDEN or something? If someone knows about it, please explain! Meanwhile, I would advise all MAIDEN fans out there NOT to buy this T-shirt. I was appalled because I saw so many people wearing this T-shirt yesterday."

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