ANVIL And JOE THRASHER Line Up Canadian Dates

January 29, 2007

Legendary Canadian metallers ANVIL will team up with JOE THRASHER for two Candian shows in early March. The dates are as follows:

Mar. 09 - Katacombes – Montreal, QUE
Mar. 10 - Maverick's – Ottawa, ONT

ANVIL last year re-teamed with producer Chris Tsangarides for the first time since 1983's classic "Forged in Fire" album to record their new CD. The recording sessions took place at Tsangarides' Dump Studios in England and were filmed for an upcoming feature drama-documentary covering ANVIL's return to the metal scene.

Regarding the documentary footage — which was filmed and directed by Sacha Gervasi, who worked as writer on the Steven Spielberg-directed movie "The Terminal" (2004) — ANVIL mainman Steve "Lips" Kudlow told Total Rock in April, "There's been some moments I wished that [the cameras] weren't there. I even had to say, 'You've gotta shut the thing off right now because I'm gonna lose my temper and I don't think that needs to be on film.' [Laughs] [It's very easy to forget that the cameras are there] and you could say things that you really shouldn't say. I went in and I started talking about my sister-in-law and I shouldn't have been — just making fun of her name and it went to film and I shouldn't have done that, 'cause if she ever sees that, she'll know that I said that. Just silly things that aren't gonna mean anything to anybody else but me."

JOE THRASHER has just released a video for its song "More Hate" to follow the group's four-song CD, entitled "Demo One". The clip is viewable on the band's MySpace page and at

(Thanks: Andrew / The Space Lord)

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