ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman: 'It Feels So Good When Music Has The Power To Turn Back The Clock'

September 28, 2006

Vocalist Angela Gossow of ARCH ENEMY — who are touring North America as part of Gigantour 2006 (also featuring LAMB OF GOD, OPETH, OVERKILL, THE SMASHUP, INTO ETERNITY and SANCTITY in addition to the headliner MEGADETH) — has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"Playing a show in these cities [Toronto and Montreal] is ALWAYS a pleasure! We had a blast and so did INTO ETERNITY, OVERKILL, OPETH and LAMB OF GOD.

"In Montreal I went out into the crowd and watched the entire MEGADETH show from there. This has been the best metal show I have seen in the last years! MEGADETH were on fire. Fantastic sound. The guitar solos and harmonies pretty much ripped everybody's face off. Dave Mustaine dedicated 'A Tout le Monde' to the victims of the Dawson College shooting and the whole crowd sung the chorus aloud. Anthemic! And hearing 'Mechanix' tearing straight into 'Holy Wars' made me feel like being 15 years old once again. I simply had to sing along and headbang. It feels so good when music has the power to turn back the clock, to make you smile and forget the world for a while.

"There is a short video on YouTube from Montreal ('Ravenous').

"I have been jumping on stage during the 'Peace Sells' chorus quite a few times. Now I got my eyes on 'Symphony of Destruction'. Hehe… I wonder if Dave allows me to do some guest vocals on stage one day. We did a cover of that song for the 'Dead Eyes' EP. I promise I will do my best not to slaughter it completely. Maybe the last show in Australia. I just gonna sneak up there and grab Glen's mic. I know, I am childish.

"I believe there is a competition coming up where we will find an awesome shredder amongst you who will join us for a song/solo on stage. We are going to pick the toughest bit. It's probably going to be 'Ravenous', so be prepared! I am personally hoping for a kick-ass female guitar player to join us on stage. Girls, fire it up and get those licks flowing!

"I will be doing some sightseeing in Boston tomorrow. We haven't played there yet. A new city to discover!"

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