ARCH ENEMY's GOSSOW Reports From The Road

January 30, 2003

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following tour report to the "Reports" section of the band's official web site:

"We've played 4 of the 6 Scandinavian shows now...last night it was Gothenburg and we had a blast! The crowd was great and there were a few friends and realitves at the show too (we found out that Sharlee looks just like his mum, hehe...well, of course she doesn't have this black beard thing going on in her face). Jensen fromTHE HAUNTED was seen in the front row during the 'Bury Me An Angel' encore.

"Tonight we are playing in Halmstad, which is the town were a few of us live (and we rehearse here). The venue (Diezel) is a good one - so it should be cool - BIG guestlist tonight!!! Actually, we are a bit afraid. If we fuck up, we all have to move somewhere else. Most prominent guest will be Michael's daughter Louise - and hardest critic of the show, haha.

"A few comments about the other shows:

"Vasteras was a friendly crowd, giving us the confidence, that Sweden actually likes us (and we got a fantastic review in Expressen by Martin Carlsson, '4 wasps'!). Stockholm was a bigger show, it seemed like half the crowd were friends and basically everybody is in a band as well... Leif Edling from CANDLEMASS was seen hanging on Michael's shoulder...drunken doomster!!! As usual, he tried to get him involved in some projects.. jaja.. a man on a mission.. (there's a bunch of cool Stockholm live pix over @ Oslo was a bit laid back (is it the cold weather??),but we actually managed to get their frozen butts moving, hehe... Sons of northern darkness - you rule!

"The guys in CORPORATION 187 have been warming up the crowd on this tour with their aggressive thrash attack - well done guys!!

"So just tonight and tomorrow (Helsingborg) left on this mini-tour...then Andy Sneap arrives next week to knock our NEW material into shape!!! Fun @ the metal factory!

"Angela "it's cold here" Gossow"

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