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August 6, 2001

BLACK SABBATH frontman Ozzy Osbourne went into the studio last Thursday, August 2nd, to add his vocals the track “Iron Head” for the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled follow-up to ROB ZOMBIE's 1998 Hellbilly Deluxe CD, which is due to be released through Geffen Records on October 30th. As previously reported, the CD will also include contributions from SLAYER guitarist Kerry King, METHODS OF MAYHEM mainman Tommy Lee, LIMP BIZKIT's DJ Lethal, and the BEASTIE BOYS' Mix Master Mike.

MACHINE HEAD will be filming a video for 'Crashing Around You', the first single off the group's upcoming Supercharger CD, on Friday, August 10th with director Nathan Cox. Cox had previously worked with SYSTEM OF A DOWN ('Sugar'),DISTURBED ('Stupify') and MEGADETH ('Moto Psycho'),among others.

According to the Japanese site of HMV, GUNS N' ROSES' first live show in seven years, which took place at Las Vegas' House Of Blues on December 31st, 2000, will be released on DVD and VHS. No further information is available at this time.

Brazil's R.D.P. (RATOS DO PORAO) have covered SEPULTURA's “Biotech Is Godzilla” for their brand new studio album, entitled Guerra Civil Canibal, which is due to be released in the US on September 18th through the Alternative Tentacles label (perhaps not-so-coincidentally, “Biotech…” features lyrics that were written by former DEAD KENNEDYS frontman Jello Biafra, who heads up AT). Also included on the record are covers of HALF JAPANESE's “Fire To Burn” and a “tongue-in-cheek” homage to friends THE VARUKERS. The album's brutally graphic cover photo can be viewed at this location.

Chicago's SOIL, who feature in their ranks former BROKEN HOPE/SINDROME bassist Shaun Glass on guitar, have firmed up the track listing for their upcoming J Records debut, entitled S C A R S, which is due to be released on September 11th. The full track listing for the effort is as follows:


01. Breaking Me Down

02. Halo

03. Need to Feel

04. Wide Open

05. Understanding Me

06. My Own

07. Unreal

08. Inside

09. 2 skins

10. The One

11. New Faith

12. Why

13. Black 7


S C A R S was recorded at Chicago's Groovemaster Studios with produced Johnny K (i.e. DISTURBED, MACHINE HEAD) and was mixed in New York City by Kevin Shirley (i.e. IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER). A video for the album's first single, “Halo”, is due to be lensed in the coming weeks.

With eight songs having thus far been mixed for the forthcoming PROBOT CD, the side project of FOO FIGHTERS mainman/former NIRVANA drummer Dave Grohl, Grohl's representatives are reportedly shopping the recordings to various labels with the hopes of securing a deal that will call for a late 2001 release, well before the anticipated street date of the next FOO FIGHTERS effort, which is not expected to emerge before early next year. It is, however, highly questionable as to whether this release goal can be met, seeing as PROBOT's planned collaborations with PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo, SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera and SLAYER singer Tom Araya have yet to be recorded, thus making it much more likely that the finished product will not surface before 2002. Moreover, various reports indicate that the tracks that have been completed so far are extremely raw-sounding and are sonically inconsistent, virtually insuring that the whole affair will need to be properly remixed before it is released to the record-buying public.


Here are the known song titles that are set to appear on the forthcoming CD:


01. Dictatorsaurus (feat. SnakeVOIVOD)

02. Centuries Of Sin (feat. CronosVENOM)

03. Access Babylon (feat. Mike DeanC.O.C.)

04. Sweet Dreams (feat. King Diamond MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND)

05. Ice Cold Man (feat. Lee DorrianCATHEDRAL)


Additional tracks, featuring vocal contributions from Tom Fischer (aka Tom Warrior ex-CELTIC FROST, APOLLYON SUN),Wino (SPIRIT CARAVAN/ex-THE OBSESSED),and Eric Wagner (TROUBLE),were also completed and were mixed, alongside the above-mentioned cuts, as part of the aforementioned mixing sessions, but no song titles have been announced for them as yet. As previously reported, the artwork for the album will be handled by VOIVOD drummer Away, who was personally asked to assume the responsibilities by Grohl, a longtime VOIVOD fan whose favorite LP by the Canadian group is said to be 1986's Rrrroooaaarrr!

POWERMAN 5000 will perform live at a special release party for Anyone For Doomsday? at the Paradise in Boston on August 27th. Tickets cannot be purchased for this event, but fans of the group can obtain entry for the concert by pre-ordering a copy of Anyone For Doomsday? for just $12.99 at any Boston-area Strawberry's location. In other news, POWERMAN 5000 will be signing copies of Anyone For Doomsday? at the following locations:


Aug. 28 - 7 PM at Tower Records in the Village, 692 Broadway, NY NY

Aug. 30 - 7 PM at Best Buy, 300 North Town Dr., Blaine, MN

Aug. 31 - 7 PM at Best Buy, 1943 East Camel Back Rd., Phoenix, AZ

Sept. 01 - 3 PM at Tower, 4580 W. Sahara, Las Vegas NV


Anyone For Doomsday? will be issued through Dreamworks Records on Tuesday, August 28th.

LIMP BIZKIT have recorded a version of FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD's 1984 hit 'Relax' for the upcoming Ben Stiller film Zoolander. The soundtrack is presently scheduled to be issued through Hollywood Records on September 25th. In other news, LIMP BIZKIT are gearing up to record their follow-up to last year's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. '[Guitarist] Wes [Borland] has got some really, really, really heavy, heavy aggression side and heavy anger,' Fred Durst told MTV News last week. 'It feels like it's going to be a post-nuclear PANTERAVulgar Display of Power meets PINK FLOYDThe Wall.


Among the artists that are tentatively scheduled to make a guest appearance on LIMP BIZKIT's upcoming, as-yet-untitled effort are Kenna, a Virginia singer Durst recently signed to his label, Flawless Records, and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman Scott Weiland, who had previously contributed to both Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish… 'There are other artists I would dream to work with, but I believe those things happen if they happen, you know what I mean?' Durst told MTV. 'I just want them to happen if it's the right time, and they're feeling me and I'm feeling them and we just think it's cool to work together, not because we think we're going to have a hit.'

According to a posting from QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali on the Metal Sludge web site, the remainder of the Glam Slam Metal Jam tour, which included POISON, WARRANT, QUIET RIOT and ENUFF Z'NUFF, has been “indefinitely postponed”. Banali goes on to say that “it is neither my place or responsibility to comment further on the events that have lead to this. However, I would imagine that there will be an official announcement from a more authoritative source.” In related news, unconfirmed reports indicate that POISON bassist Bobby Dall fell off the stage last week and ended up in the hospital. As a result, POISON's show in Huron, South Dakota (as part of the aforementioned Glam Slam Metal Jam package) has been either cancelled or postponed. There has been no official word on the incident.

GOD FORBID have joined the line-up of artists performing as part of Metallennium ༽, a US tour package that will also include SIX FEET UNDER, DIMMU BORGIR, NAPALM DEATH, WITCHERY, LAMB OF GOD, and MALEVOLENT CREATION. One additional act will reportedly be added in the coming days. In addition to the artist performances, two video screenings have also been added to the festival, which will allegedly begin around September 20th. A screening of clips from Jackass star Bam Margera's CKY3 and CKY2K will also be featured on the tour. Also included will be the premiere of the Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Documentary, which is regarded as the most shocking depiction of the underground metal scene. The official tour dates for Metallennium are coming soon.

ECHOBRAIN bassist Jason Newsted (formerly of METALLICA) on the group's touring plans following the recent release of the group's debut CD (taken from a transcript of the July 27th ECHOBRAIN interview at KSJO, San Jose): “We've discussed the [possibility of doing] California-only shows [in the beginning] and [then trying to] fix up some real custom kind of things in the [San Francisco] Bay Area, and then [going] south also… What I'd like to do is maybe change up each show so you never know exactly what you're gonna get. With most people, when you pay for a ticket you know what the band's gonna be, and there's that number of guys, and they're gonna play this type of music or whatever. We have so many different people that helped us out making this record, some people from METALLICA's S&ampM recording and all, the concert master violinist, the first chair cellist did all the string arrangements on the ECHOBRAIN record. The first chair cellist of the San Francisco Symphony, a violist of the San Francisco Symphony and some different heavyweights. I mean, the guy that actually put his pencil to paper to write the parts for the S&ampM, for all of the orchestra, there was two men that did it, he [James Brett] was one of them, he was the one on stage that turned the pages for the conductor, he's the cat that played all of the keyboards on the ECHOBRAIN record . There's some serious individuals that worked on this record… So we thought that we would bring out, at different times… keep the core of Brian and Dylan and myself, and then have different people come and play each night at the show, so we'd do a dozen shows in California with ECHOBRAIN music playing the songs different each time, like the artists that we truly respect, Tom Waits, Bob Marley, things like that, cats like that—you know Muddy Waters—man, they played the song a million times but each time they played it they played it different, and they just really felt it different every time, so it wasn't just this thing you're doing as an occupation or whatever. It's real music that's real organic you're really feeling it you're interacting with people—the true meaning of music, you know what I mean, and entertainment and people enjoying it, and people witnessing that, people witnessing that togetherness, you know that thing. That's what I'm after personally, man, that's what I'd like to see for ECHOBRAIN.”

ENTOMBED bassist Jorgen Sandstrom recently commented on the fan feedback to the brand new track “Chief Rebel Angel” (from the forthcoming Morning Star CD available for download via the group's official web site at by rejecting any implications that the song in question features the addition of keyboards. According to Sandstrom, “It's our godess friend Camela Leihert that sings that beautiful! She was also on the STILLBORN cover song we did, remember?'

DAEMON, the Danish project featuring KONKHRA mainman Anders Lundemark and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan, has finished mixing its third album, which is tentatively due to be released at the end of the year. According to Lundemark, the only thing that is still missing from the record is a guest lead from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend, who has reportedly agreed to contribute to the project, but has yet to lay down his parts. Meanwhile, Anders' main band KONKHRA are said to be 10-12 songs into the writing for their next studio album, which is not expected to be released before 2002. At the moment, the band is still searching for a label to sign with following their less-than-amicable split with Diehard Music last year, with Lundemark holding little hope that Metal Blade Records (who issued the group's Weed Out The Weak CD in the US in 1998) will want to release any further recordings from the group. “The business is rotten,' Anders recently stated via KONKHRA's official web site. 'Our [sales] statements shows that we sold around 20,000 [copies] of Weed Out The Weak [worldwide], but 17,000 of those in europe and only 3,000 in the States. If this is true, I understand that Metal Blade don't wanna put out the new one. But I think there is something wrong with this. Metal Blade is without a doubt more powerful than Diehard, so the figure should be the other way around. But,, we'll do our best and if we don't get proper exposure on the next label, we'll make sure that everybody can get the full album as an MP3 right here on our site. I mean, we never get royalties anyway, so why not let people get their hands on everything.”

QUEENSRYCHE guitarist Michael Wilton has made available an MP3 of the track “Arizona”, recorded by his solo project THE WATERSHED PROJECT, for download via this location.

Here's another message from Jane Schuldiner, mom of DEATH mainman Chuck Schuldiner, who has been battling pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, for the past two years: “Chuck is home from the hospital for a week now and is showing much improvement. He appreciates very much the outpouring of email and it really lights up his day when he reads them. It really does make a big difference when I go over bringing so many messages of support.”

Canada's ANNIHILATOR reportedly got rained out during their outdoor performance at Switzerland's Metal Dayz Festival on Friday, August 3rd, where the band were billed second only to the day's headliners IRON SAVIOR. As a result, many of the people at the festival who had watched HAMMERFALL indoors immediately prior to ANNIHILATOR taking the stage weren't 'adventurous' enough to step outside and eventually the Canadian thrashers were forced to play in front of quite a small crowd.


Here is ANNIHILATOR's set list for their 60-minute performance at Metal Dayz (not exactly in correct order, but close):


01. Set The World On Fire

02. Denied

03. Refresh the Demon

04. Never Neverland

05. Welcome To Your Death

06. Annihilator

07. Time Bomb

08. King of the Kill

09. Carnival Diablos

10. Phantasmagoria

11. Shallow Grave


12. Alice in Hell

DEFTONES will co-headline this year's SmokeOut Festival alongside CYPRESS HILL on a bill that will also include BUSTA RHYMES, METHOD MAN and REDMAN, NOFX and FEAR FACTORY. The dates are as follows:


Sept. 15 - Oakland, CA @ TBA

Sept. 29 - New York City, NY @ TBA

Oct. 06 - Los Angeles, CA @ TBA

In the “we-kid-you-not” news department, here's a pretty funny one: Veteran Canadian metallers ANVIL were booked to play at Malibu Jack's Hideaway in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on August 4th, but when they arrived, the club was closed. No word yet on whether the booking person for the club was tracked down and had the living daylights beaten out of him.



Competition? What competition? Hard-rockers CORROSION OF CONFORMITY beat out high-profile media darlings SLIPKNOT and others to debut at number one on metal radio with their Sanctuary Records release Live Volume. This CD, the first-ever live opus from the Raleigh, NC-based band, goes on sale August 7, 2001.


COC debuted at the pinnacle of the charts for the industry trades FMQB and CMJ. At FMQB, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY had 46 adds, while SLIPKNOT had 45. On CMJ's Loud Rock charts, COC and SLIPKNOT were both added at 122 stations.


Vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, vocalist/guitarist Woody Weatherman, bass guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Mike Dean and drummer Jimmy Bower recorded Live Volume in Detroit, MI, at Harpo's Concert Theatre on April 20, 2001. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is scheduled to tour this fall to promote the disc.


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