Archive News Jul 26, 2001

July 26, 2001

The Brazilian online magazine Cidade Internet has conducted an interview with SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser about the group's recent split with Roadrunner Records and the controversial Veja article (the Brazilian weekly mag equivalent of Time/Newsweek),in which the story's author, Sergio Martins, all but dismissed the group as a band on its 'last legs' following the recent turn of events. Here are some of the highlights from this interview, as translated by and posted on SEPULTURA's official web site:


On whether Veja writer Sergio Martins spoke to the band for the aforementioned article:

“He talked to Igor, but Igor said [the interview he did with Sergio] was nothing about [the split with] Roadrunner. If you check out Veja's article, you'll see that Igor only talked about Roots and its influence on nu-metal bands. It's got nothing directly related with us getting [off] RR.”


On the group's initial reaction to the Veja article:

“We talked to each other to see what everyone thought about it. And then, on Monday [July 23rd], we talked to Estevam, who is our webmaster, and with Toninho, our [Fan Club] president, and, judging by the [tone] of the article, we got pretty pissed off. Besides the fact that the guy used a pretty 'low' language, pretty mediocre... There's lots of things [that were printed in the article] that are not true. We sent various e-mails, showing our indignation, trying to show that that had nothing to do with reality, that it was something partial and that [the author of the article] wanted to show a negative image of SEPULTURA and a positive image of SOULFLY.”


On Roadrunner Records:

“We'd been with Roadrunner since 1988... It was a seven-album contract and we did six, [including] the two with [singer] Derrick [Green]. We've been wanting to get off Roadrunner for awhile... During the Chaos A.D. era, we had a [licensing] contract with Sony in USA [via a deal between Roadrunner and Sony], but only [for that territory]. We gave [Sony] a shot to see if we could get something more [than what we would have gotten out of Roadrunner] and [Chaos A.D.] sold a high number of copies... It went gold in USA, with [over] 500,000 copies sold, given the good distribution by Sony. But we never had [anyone within Sony interested in working] more with SEPULTURA [beyond their minimal involvement]. Sony was very big... they had Michael Jackson, OZZY, IRON MAIDEN, PEARL JAM... so SEPULTURA [took a backseat to the other artists in Sony's] plans... We had this experience [of working with Sony] for a year, but [we ended up] going back to Roadrunner.


“The contract with Roadrunner was an enslaving thing, really... It was something like we didn't have a way out... After Max left, [SOULFLY and SEPULTURA] were [part of] the same company, working with the same people, and Roadrunner always tried to enforce an image for SEPULTURA. [They] tried to force us to find 'another Max' for the band, or something like it, they always tried to force us to make another Roots, which was our top-selling record ever. They never respected SEPULTURA's new phase [with Derrick in the band], never looked at this phase as something new... So, we thank God that we could get out... We [made it clear to Roadrunner that we wanted] to get out [of our deal with the label], because [they had] until the end of July to tell us if they wanted to [do another record with us] or not... [According to our contract with the label], they had to [decide if they wanted to pick up] their option [to do another album with us] by then... So, before they [made a decision as to what they wanted to do], we [made it clear to them that], through our lawyer, [that] WE wanted to get out... that we wanted to try something else, work with people that believed in the band and that could really invest in the new phase of the band.'


On the group's contract with Roadrunner Records:

“It was something that really f.cked us up... [Based on the initial contract], we were never going to earn nothing... In 1993, when [Roadrunner struck up a licensing deal with Sony for the release of Chaos A.D. in the US], we had the chance to make a better contract, to make things a little better... But even then, we were attached to one guy [Cees Wessels, Roadrunner Records head honcho] that took care of things globally... He was the president of the company, and he owned the merchandising, publishing company...all in one guy's hands. Our intention was to make things somehow better for us, and now we finally made it.'


On the “beginning of the end” with Roadrunner Records:

“It was during [the] Chaos A.D. [era], really, [which was] the album that came out after Arise, which came out in 1991. We recorded Chaos A.D. in 1993, and that was when we realized that the contract wasn't taking the band anywhere. Roadrunner was investing [a lot of money into promotion and recording] and all that... but financially we got nothing. Then, in 1993, we had the chance to change things a little, but, even then, it wasn't enough.”


On the band's relationship with Roadrunner Records over the years:

“A lot of people didn't expect [us to ever split with Roadrunner], [because] they always thought that our relationship with RR was the best, very productive, you know?! But it was actually very hard always.


“It's a difficult label to work with. They seem not to have a great view of the future. They fear working with the new. And after Max left, things got even worse, because both bands were on the same label. It seems they wanted us to be as we were before and there's no way [we were ever going to do that]. [What we are doing now] is something different [from what we were doing before]. We're still [in the process of establishing our identity and sound with the new line-up], [Nation was] the second album with Derrick, [and this transition] is not something that will happen [overnight].'


On whether SEPULTURA has been in contact with other labels since the split with Roadrunner Records:

“Of course. There's a lot of companies wanting to work with us, not only [in Brazil], but [also] in Europe, Japan, [and the] USA. Now we have the [chance] to [create a situation for us that] we can have better control of. Instead of signing with only one [record company] for all the world, we'll [explore other options]. There's thousands of possibilities for us to [go from here] and we're [exploring all of] them. We've already had offers and we'll see what's best for the band.”



“I don't listen to it very much. I listened to both albums, but out of curiosity. Wanting to know what Max was up to.”


SEPULTURA are presently lining up appearances at several European festivals in August, after which they will head over to Asia for the group's appearance in Korea and Japan's Beast FeastFestival, to be followed by a South American tour during September. Here are the confirmed dates so far:


Aug. 05 - Odemira, Portugal @ Sudoeste Festival

Aug. 08 - Gijon, Spain @ Sports Hall

Aug. 11 - Murcia, Spain @ Menorock Festival

Aug. 23 - Seoul, S. Korea @ Olympic Fencing Gymnasium

Aug. 25 - Yokohama, Japan @ Yokohama Arena (Beast Feast)

According to an official statement from Sweden's GARDENIAN, the band have NOT split up, contrary to a rumor that was originally reported in the German Rock Hard magazine and which was subsequently posted here a few days ago. However, the group have confirmed that they are in fact currently searching for a new label home following their recent split with Nuclear Blast Records, and they are continuing to write material for the follow-up to last year's Sindustries CD, which is not expected to be issued until sometime in 2002.

Current SICK SPEED and former STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward has commented on the upcoming collection of STUCK MOJO rarities, entitled Violate This, which is scheduled to be released through Century Media Records on August 21st. According to Ward, “the CD contains 18 tracks spanning ten years of demos, rare B-sides, and two new tracks recorded during the SICK SPEED studio sessions [and billed as STUCK MOJO, albeit without the contributions of longtime frontman Bonz, who is currently in 420 MONKS]. Inside the booklet there will be some details or/and a brief description of each track. Some of the [demo] songs [that appear on the CD] were [subsequently] re-recorded for studio albums and some other songs were never released. It also contains the original versions of [the songs] 'Pigwalk' and 'Back in the Saddle' [which appears on Violate This under the title 'No Regrets'], which are different than the MOJO versions. These two tracks were recorded in 1995 with a side project [named MOJO 427] that I had put together with Eddie Gowan, Brent Payne and Tom Defile. That side project was the foundation that eventually became SICK SPEED.”

THE REJECTS vocalist Dizzy Reject has launched his own official web site at this location. As previously reported, THE REJECTS is a long-running project featuring Dizzy, SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, and STATIC-X guitarist Tripp Eisen, with the group's most recent line-up also having included DOPE drummer Racci Shay and ex-VAMPIRE LOVE DOLLS guitarist Ian.


In a recent interview with the Uranium web 'zine, Dizzy addressed the attention that THE REJECTS have been receiving as a result of their association with the above-mentioned acts and the group's current status. Here are some of Dizzy's quotes from that conversation:


On what THE REJECTS stand for:

THE REJECTS are about something that is missing in rock, and that's full-on brutal, in-your-face, honesty. Rock needs some glamour, and more than that, some f.ckin' integrity, so we stepped to the plate. [We're] in your face, a total glamour-punk, suicide, pop-slitwrist, cum-in-your-pants rock 'n' roll porno nightmare. Unlike all the other sh.t forced down your throats.”


On all the rumors surrounding THE REJECTS:

“I think when you have people in this band of the caliber they are, and we all know whom we're talking about here, that people are bound to talk. One thing that we all know is that Joey is in SLIPKNOT. But I want to really stress that we are not SLIPKNOT The Sequel. We sound abso-f.cking-lutely nothing like SLIPKNOT. I love that band, and would consider most of them some of my best friends, but other than that, and the fact that Joey plays in both bands, that is the end of the similarities. Where they are more just f.ckin' metal in your face, we're more the drunk, drugged up, glamour, punk from the wrong side of the tracks. If they were SLAYER, we're the SEX PISTOLS, just for comparisons' sake. But I understand that people have an inherent need to run their mouths. I dont give a if you talk about us, it's way better than ignoring us, but please do us all a favor and get your sh.t straight before you open your mouth. Otherwise it's just verbal sh.t and it makes you and us look bad. So please get it right before you start talkin' like you know what the is up.”


On his influences:

“I love everything from SEX PISTOLS and THE RAMONES and THE DEAD BOYS to PRINCE, DURAN DURAN, old MOTLEY CRUE, old KISS, SLAYER, TWISTED SISTER, MANOWAR, THE CURE…, dude, damn near everything. What influenced me to sing was Joey telling me that I was giving up drums for THE REJECTS and singing. Best decision I never made. Dude, I am a born frontman. I was born and put on this planet to right the wrongs of asshole loser slack-ass douche-bag frontmen, and I never knew that until I got behind a mike. And we can all blame Joey for this.”


On potential conflicts with the other members' full-time bands' touring/recording schedules:

“We'll work around it. I love all the SLIPKNOT clan, and am very cool with Tripp's situation, so whatever we can work out. I think my love for the SLIPKNOT crew is mutual, and I would like to think we all have enough love and respect for each other to go do our things. And even though we're not even close musically, I think SLIPKNOT and us, along with AMEN and what used to be THE REFUSED are the most important bands on planet earth. What all of those bands have in common is brute force, and more than that, and more important than anything is honesty. You will never see us do something 'cuz we think we should. We do sh.t because we know we have to. It was our calling to f.cking destroy!!!!!”

The renowned late '80s/early '90s San Francisco Bay Area funk metallers MORDRED have reportedly reformed and are lining up several gigs in the Northern California area, the first one of which will take place on Sunday, August 12th at DNA Lounge (11th and Harrison) in San Francisco. Not much information is available on the group's future plans, but it is believed that MORDRED's present formation includes vocalist Scott Holderby, bassist Art Libbon, guitarist James Sanguinetti, DJ/keboardist Aaron “Pause” Vaughn, and drummer Gannon Hall. Former guitarist Danny White, who is said to have relocated to New York, will apparently not be taking part in the reformation, although it is not entirely clear if he will be replaced in the group's current line-up.

QUEENSRYCHE's upcoming live CD/DVD release will be entitled Evolution, and it will be recorded during two shows that are taking place in Seattle tomorrow (July 27th) and Saturday (July 28th). At the moment, the CD is scheduled to be issued on September 25th, while the DVD is penciled in for an October 9th release date through the group's new label, Metal-Is Records (a division of the Sanctuary Music Group).

ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott has made the following comment on the news (reported here two days ago) that the group have been added to the line-up of artists performing at the Beast Feast Festival, which is scheduled to take place on August 25th and 26th at the 30,000-capacity Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan: 'We are obviously really excited about playing this huge festival in Yokohama. (the first of it's kind in Japan!) We have been aware of that we are doing this festival for some time, but the promoter wanted to keep it a secret until we'd sold out our show at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo - which we now have! (Look forward to seeing 2000 crazy Arch Enemies at that one too!!!).”

ANOTHERDAY, the New York-based band featuring former DRAIN STH guitarist Flavia Canel, has revised its upcoming touring schedule. Here are the updated live dates, as posted on the group's official web site:


Aug. 09 - OH @ TBA

Aug. 10 - Lorain, OH @ Flying Machine

Aug. 11 – Detroit, MI @ Club Iroc

Aug. 12 – OH @ TBA

Aug. 17 - Island Park, NY @ L'Amour-East

Aug. 31 – Brooklyn, NY @ L'Amour

Sept. 02 - Springfield, MA @ Fat Cats

Sept. 29 - Commack, NY @ The King Club


As previously reported, ANOTHERDAY are presently wrapping up work on a four-song demo/CD, which will be made available for purchase shortly via the group's web site and at the upcoming live gigs.

BORKNAGAR have completed the recording process for their fifth album, entitled Empiricism, and are currently mixing the effort for a October 22nd European release date. In related news, BORKNAGAR keyboardist Lars “Lazare” Nedland's “other” band, SOLEFALD, will finally release their long-completed new album, recorded a year ago and entitled Pills Against The Ageless Ills, through Century Media Records on September 24th.

Stockholm, Sweden's BLACKSHINE will issue their eleven-track new album, entitled Soulless and Proud, through SPV/Steamhammer Records in the beginning of September.

CROWBAR have postponed the dates for their previously announced US mini-tour and will be rescheduling them shortly. No reason was given for the postponement. CROWBAR will still be playing at Kirk's House of Rock in Gulfport, Mississippi on July 28th and Zeppelin's in Metairie, Louisiana on August 18th.

Look for a new DIO album to emerge sometime in early 2002.

FEAR FACTORY will be taking a week off following the completion of their current The Evolution Of Revolution tour, after which they will be heading over to Europe to do 12 festival dates before returning to the US to appear at CYPRESS HILL's three-date SmokeOut Festival. The remainder of the year will see FEAR FACTORY embarking on a tour of Japan, Australia and New Zealand, after which the band will likely head back to the US for a possible tour with CYPRESS HILL or a headline tour of Europe. Here is a list of FEAR FACTORY's confirmed European festival dates and the details of the aforementioned SmokeOut shows:


Aug. 17 - Trutnov Festival - Trutnov, Czech Republic

Aug. 19 - Bizarre Festival - Weeze, Germany

Aug. 21 - Ilha do Ermal Festival - Viera do Minho, Portugal

Aug. 23 - Pukkelpop Festival - Hasselt, Belgium

Aug. 24 - Leeds Festival - Leeds, United Kingdom

Aug. 25 - Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Aug. 26 - Reading Festival - Reading, United Kingdom

Aug. 28 - Kerrang! Awards - London, United Kingdom

Aug. 30 - Altes Hallenbad - Feldkirch, Austria

Aug. 31 - The Festival Venue - Wiesen, Austria

Sept. 01 - Velvet - Rimini, Italy

Sept. 2 - Fri-son - Fribourg, Switzerland

Sept. 15 - Smokeout Festival - Oakland, California

Sept. 29 - Smokeout Festival - New York City, New York

Oct. 06 - Smokeout Festival - Los Angeles, California

Australia's SILVERCHAIR are in pre-production with producer David Bottrill (i.e. TOOL, NOTHINGFACE, etc.) in their hometown of Newcastle for their forthcoming studio album, the actual recording for which is expected to start in mid-August.

The organizers of the Thrash Of The Titans benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, have enlisted Mike Stallone for the position of the head lighting director for the event. Stallone had previously worked with such acts as 311, BLIND MELON, and TESTAMENT and is currently the lighting director for SUGAR RAY. As previously reported, Thrash Of The Titans will be taking place on Saturday, August 11th at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco, and it will feature performances from EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, LEGACY (pre-TESTAMENT),HEATHEN, and FORBIDDEN EVIL (pre-FORBIDDEN),among others.



New York- July 25, 2001- Donnie Vie, lead singer for the power rock band ENUFF Z'NUFF, was injured after a fall from the stage during their performance at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus Ohio on July 21. ENUFF Z'NUFF is out supporting their latest CD 10, and is part of the Glam Slam Metal Jam tour, along with WARRANT, QUIET RIOT and POISON. The fall occurred as the band was performing towards the end of their set, when the barefoot Vie jumped from a monitor, landed on one foot at the edge of the stage, and fell into the orchestra section of the amphitheater. Paramedics quickly arrived, treated Donnie, and rushed him to the hospital, where X-rays revealed a fractured heel, and 2 fractured ribs. In true ENUFF Z'NUFF fashion, while at the hospital, Donnie was busy converting the paramedics and other patients into fans. He was reported to be in great pain the following night during their performance in Pittsburgh.


Injury has been no stranger to this band during this tour. Drummer Ricky Parent broke his hand prior to the start of the tour during a motorcycle accident, when a car cut him off while riding near his home in Chicago. Doctors will be treating his hand once the tour is complete in September. When questioned about the injuries on this tour, EZN co-founder Chip Znuff sighed and said 'Ricky's touring with a broken hand, Donnie with broken ribs, Monaco with a broken heart, and me with broken promises, but we're still going out there and playing, thanks to the grace of God!'


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