Archive News May 17, 2001

May 17, 2001

Producer Mudrock (i.e. GODSMACK, POWERMAN 5000) is the leading candidate to mix the forthcoming MACHINE HEAD CD, entitled Supercharger, which is tentatively scheduled to be released on August 20th in Europe and August 21st in the US. MACHINE HEAD has completed all the album recordings and is presently finalizing its mixing plans, with producer Johnny K (who helmed the album's production) having completed several test mixes last week that are unlikely to be used. Among these tracks was a new version of the song 'All In Your Head', which was previously described by this writer as a 'distant cousin' to The Burning Red's 'From This Day' due to its SLAYER-like build-up intro, hip hop-inspired verses and huge, melodic chorus. In its present form, however, 'All In Your Head' contains drastically altered verses that are far more heavy on the dynamics and that feature a significantly reduced 'hip hop' quotient, a fact that is certain to please the rap detractors who had registered complaints about MACHINE HEAD mainman Robert Flynn's two minutes of 'rapping' on the group's last studio offering, the aforementioned The Burning Red.

Guitarist Tommy Vetterli (ex-CORONER) has left Germany's KREATOR and has reportedly been replaced by former WALTARI axe-slinger Sami Yli-Sirniö. Yli-Sirniö is not a new face in the KREATOR camp, having toured with the Teutonic thrashers in the late '90s and having made his home in Germany for several years after leaving his native Finland in the mid-'90s. Sami is also said to have been involved with TIAMAT and GRIP INC. as a studio musician. As previously reported, KREATOR's Violent Revolution CD is now complete and is due to be released through SPV/Steamhammer Records during September.

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS bassist/vocalist Spice is rumored to have left the band in order to focus on his THE MUSHROOM RIVERBAND project, whose Music For The World Beyond debut CD was issued last October to positive reviews. No official announcement has yet been made by the SPIRITUAL BEGGARS camp, and it is not yet clear what Spice's alleged departure will mean for the future of the band that was considered to be one of the top contemporary 'stoner rock' acts around.

The previously announced PANTERA / SLAYER / SEPULTURA European tour, which is scheduled to kick off in September and run for approximately three weeks, has had its very first date announced. Saturday, September 15th will see PANTERA, SLAYER, CRADLE OF FILTH and SEPULTURA taking the stage of London's Wembley Arena. More dates will be announced shortly.

SLIPKNOT taped their scene for the remake of 1975's Rollerball movie in Minneapolis, MN at the Xcel Arena on Wednesday, May 9th. According to unofficial reports, the band was filmed performing in the walkway of a Mongolian Roller Rink, and they can also be seen on the jumbotrons around the actual arena. Rollerball stars LL Cool J, Chris Klein (American Pie),Jean Reno (Godzilla, Mission: Impossible) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (X-Men),and it is set to hit theaters August 17th.

Thrash Of The Titans publicist Jerry Allen has sent us the 'advance poster' for what he calls 'the metal event of not only 2001, but this decade'—a gathering of reunited artists and musicians who will share a stage for the first time in years in the name of a benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. You can view the poster here.


According to Allen, 'Walter Morgan, Chuck's longtime friend, is attempting to put together the greatest old-school thrash concert in metal history as a tribute and benefit to Chuck. The response has been overwhelming. Bands long extinct have agreed to reunite for this event despite differences amongst themselves.....all to help Chuck! In fact the whole metal community is chipping in to help Chuck and make this event something very special for both the Billy family and metal fans alike…Things are still in the air as far as a final band line-up and a venue/date. We are approaching SLAYER, DEATH ANGEL and a few other legendary bands we hope will be able to participate. We have asked Billy Milano of the legendary STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH to act as Master of Ceremonies. According to Debbie Abono (the much-respected former POSSESSED manager and longtime fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene),who is helping with this event along with [former MACHINE HEAD manager] Joey Huston, Billy states he will be happy to take part as long as it works out with his schedule. In fact everyone has been more than happy to take part in this. Nobody has refused yet. Who said metalheads were evil dirtbags?'

SIX is the name of a new 'supergroup' consisting of DROWN/FAMOUS vocalist Lauren and other as-yet-unspecified musicians that has reportedly 'been in the studio for the past year and a half developing material and it is about to surface'. According to Lauren, 'The sh.t is really heavy and dope as! Stay tuned for details!'

The UK's MY DYING BRIDE is slated to enter an undisclosed studio on June 18th to record the follow-up to The Light at the End of the World. In an interview with, MY DYING BRIDE frontman Aaron Stainthorpe stated that 'the overall feel of the new material is quite similar to The Light… and I can safely say that if you liked that album, you should like the new one. We love the feel and sound of The Light… so we want to continue with a similar atmosphere.'

As reported here in early May, KING DIAMOND has entered Nomad Recording Studios Dallas to begin recording Abigail Part II: The Revenge, a 'twisted' continuation of his seminal 1987 album Abigail. Joining him in the studio are longtime collaborator / guitarist / producer Andy LaRocque, the returning Hal Patino on bass and MERCYFUL FATE guitarist Mike Wead. Rounding out the line up is newcomer Matt Thompson on drums. Production duties will be handled by Andy, King and Kol Marshall. Album art will once again be created by Thomas Holm. Expect a Halloween 2001 release and a North American tour to follow.


Song titles set to appear on Abigail Part II: The Revenge include:


01. Slippery Stairs

02. Revenge Is Sweet

03. Dinner For Two


In related news, King has recorded a song for the forthcoming Dave Grohl metal project PROBOT entitled 'Sweet Dreams'. No release date has yet been set.

According to a statement issued by M.I.R.V., one of the opening bands on the one of the support acts on the recent Jerry Cantrell tour that had to be postponed after the guitarist broke his left hand, the group's tour with the former ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist is currently being rescheduled, and the first few dates of the tour should be announced in the next few days.

QUEENSRYCHE vocalist Geoff Tate appeared on last night to discuss his forthcoming 'solo' gig, the future plans of QUEENSRYCHE and other 'fun' topics. Here are a few items of interest that were revealed during that conversation:


On the solo project:

'[The band is a] bunch of guys from Seattle I have known for awhile, and whose playing I've admired.


'[I had] tunes running through my head, [and it was the] right time to try it.


'[The whole thing] came together musically easily.


'Picking people [to play with in a band] is a difficult thing. Finding people who have the same musical beliefs and standards...I didn't know it was difficult, because I was [re-occupied with] with QUEENSRYCHE [for so long]


'[Musically, these are] ideas I had for awhile, and [other] guys [in the band] were on the same page. [I] can't describe [the band's sound accurately, but it doesn't sound like] QUEENSRYCHE, other than my voice. But there is also another singer-[lead guitarist] Jeff Carrel, [who's got a] phenomenal [voice], [and] we trade off [vocals]. [It's a] fun project [to do].


'I'd like to put out a CD [with this new band]. [We've got] enough material for a CD or two [at this point].&nbsp


'We have lots of tapes [recorded of the new band at this point]. We've been rehearsing for the show in Seattle, and we have been taping [stuff during rehearsals].


'[It started out as a one-off project], but I am thinking that, in my life, I want to play with other people. I spent so much time focused on QUEENSRYCHE—for my whole life, it seems—that I missed opportunities to work with people, and I think I want to do that for awhile. Getting in a room with someone is an exciting thing, [when two people] brainstorm [and look for a way to meet in the middle musically].



&nbsp1. The band's upcoming summer shows are being recorded for a live album.

2. The group has not started writing new material, and will not do so until the summer or early fall.

3. QUEENSRYCHE is rehearsing six or seven old, rarely-performed and more obscure tracks to play at the upcoming shows.


As previously reported, Geoff Tate's solo band will make its live debut on Friday, June 1st at The Catwalk in Seattle.

Sweden's THE CROWN, featuring former AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg, is currently writing the follow-up to last year's Deathrace King, which is tentatively scheduled to be recorded at the end of the year. The band has reportedly completed the music for nine new songs, five of which have lyrics written by Tomas. Expect an early 2002 release. As reported yesterday, THE CROWN will be making its live debut with the new line-up this Saturday, May 19th when they perform at the Decibel Festival in Bengtsfors, Sweden.

Reunited NWOBHM legends JAGUAR will be appearing at the Headbangers Open Air Festival on Saturday, July 7th in Elmshorn, near Hamburg, Germany. There is also a possibility that the band will playing at an as-yet-unspecified festival in Florida during the summer.

The UK's ANATHEMA are presently finishing off the artwork for the first volume of their two-part Resonance retrospective. As with volume two, the first installment of this unique collection will feature videos, rarities and a brand new live recording. Resonance: Volume One is expected to be released in October through Peaceville Records. The track listing is as follows:


01. Scars of the Old Stream

02. Everwake

03. J'fait Une Promesse

04. Alone

05. Far Away (acoustic)

06. Eternity (part 2)

07. Eternity (part 3) (acoustic)

08. Better off Dead

09. One of the Few

10. Inner Silence

11. Goodbye Cruel World

12. Destiny

13. The Silent Enigma (orchestral)

14. Angelica (live Budapest 1997)

15. Horses

16. Hope (video-enhanced track)

The UK's Kerrang! magazine reported in its issue that hit the stands yesterday (May 16th) that ALICE IN CHAINS bassist Mike Inez was approached to try out for the vacant bassist slot in METALLICA and is currently 'being put through his paces' at a Los Angeles recording studio. A spokesperson for the band's management apparently responded to these reports with the following statement: 'According to James Hetfield, the band have not chosen a new bass player. There is no more information at the moment.' As previously reported, METALLICA started working on material for their upcoming album at a 'secret' San Francisco studio on April 23rd.

A message from MALEVOLENT CREATION guitarist Phil Fasciana: 'Hails! MALEVOLENT CREATION vocalist Brett Hoffmann has been released from his three-month stay in jail, and has joined the rest of the band in Studio 13 with producer/engineer Jeremy Staska to record three bonus tracks that will be included on a re-release of the band's recent release Envenomed. The songs recorded were 'Confirmed Kill' (taken from their debut '87 demo),'Epileptic Siezure' (from their '89 demo),and a blistering cover of thrash godz DARK ANGEL's 'Perish In Flames'. The demo tracks have never been released before except in their original demo form. Unless you own a copy of these classic rarities, these songs are a must-listen. Traces of their early thrash influences (KREATOR, SLAYER, SODOM, DARK ANGEL) are clearly noticeable. As always the music is fast and furious, and Brett Hoffmann's vocals are as venomous as ever. Longtime fans of the band will be pleased to hear these songs once again. Expect an October release date for this limited edition re-release of Envenomed in digipack form with new photos and liner notes. The band will embark on a full US Tour in late September-October and are planning to return to Europe in November-December. Interested bands, labels and promoters should contact our booking agents. In the US contact John Finberg at First Row Talent. In Europe contact Metallysee Booking Agency at Metallysee Booking Agency.'

CATASTROPHIC, featuring former OBITUARY guitarist Trevor Peres and members of the Long Island death metal act PYREXIA, will embark on their first-ever extensive US tour starting July 7th. Rounding out the bill will metal upstarts DIECAST. Here are the confirmed dates so far:


July 07 - Sayre, PA @ Hurricane Billboards

July 08 - Syracuse, NY @ Action Sports Center

July 14 - Toronto, ONT @ Kathedral

July 17 - New York, NY @ Wetlands Preserve

July 18 - Morgan, NJ @ Club Krome

July 20 - Norfolk, VA @ Taj Mahal

July 21 - Columbia, SC @ Uncle Doctors

July 22 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

July 25 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's

July 27 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Zero's

July 29 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom

July 31 - Tempe, AZ @ Boston's Night Club

Aug. 01 - San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick

Aug. 03 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound at Pier 96

Aug. 04 - Anaheim, CA @ The Shack

Aug. 05 - Hollywood, CA @ Whiskey a Go Go

Aug. 09 - Aurora, IL @ Riley's

Aug. 10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Milwaukee Auditorium

Aug. 11 - Clinton, IA @ Pig Pen

Aug. 12 - St. Paul, MN @ The Lab

Aug. 14 - Detroit, MI @ I-Rock

Aug. 15 - Lorain, OH @ Flying Machine

Aug. 16 - W. Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Aug. 17 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero

Aug. 18 - Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug

Aug. 19 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

British doom legends CATHEDRAL have lined up a couple of Japanese and UK shows prior to taking the stage at this year's With Full Force Festival at the end of June. Here are the known dates so far:


May 30 - Tokyo, JAP @ On Air East (w/HANGNAIL)

May 31 - Osaka, JAP @ Big Cat (w/HANGNAIL)

June 12 - London, UK @ Underworld (w/SPIRIT CARAVAN

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp + THE DUKES OF NOTHING)

June 24 - Leipzig, GER @ With Full Force Festival

Germany's U.D.O., featuring former ACCEPT forntman Udo Dirkschneider, are in the process of mixing down their upcoming Live In Russia CD, which, as the title suggests, was recorded during the band's recent Russian tour. Scheduled for release on September 24th, the 25-song CD will contain the following cuts:


01. Holy

02. Raiders Of Beyond

03. Midnight Mover

04. Independence Day

05. Metal Eater

06. Winter Dreams

07. In The Darkness

08. Turn Me On

09. Heaven Is Hell

10. Run If You Can

11. Recall The Sin

12. Midnight Highway

13. TV War

14. Animal House

15. Protectors Of Terror

16. Break The Rules

17. Living On A Frontline

18. Shout It Out

19. Cut Me Out

20. They Want War

21. I'm A Rebel

22. Like A Loaded Gun

23. No Limits

24. Heart Of Gold

25. Monster Man


According to the band, the reason more ACCEPT songs weren't included in the final cut is that 'we felt that, since [most ACCEPT classics] were already on two CD's, Staying Alive and Accept All Areas, we wanted to put songs on this CD that were not on any other live CDs.'


After mixing the new live CD, U.D.O. will be begin work on a studio CD, which is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2002. Also due for release around the same time is a DVD of the group's Russian tour, along with 'lots of surprises'.

According to, VICIOUS RUMORS have reunited with vocalist Brian O'Connor, who sang on the group's Cyberchrist CD, following the recent departure of Morgan Thorn, who sang on the band's current effort, Sadistic Symphony.

PINK CREAM 69 guitarist Alfred Koffler is suffering from an infection of the Carpal Tunnel of his left hand, and he may not to be operated on, pending the results of the physician examinations that are currently taking place. Alfred had reportedly finished up the recordings to the as-yet-unnamed follow-up to the acclaimed Sonic Dynamite CD prior to the latest development, but the group's scheduled appearance at the Bottom Row Promotion Festival (with GOTTHARD, AXXIS, VANDEN PLAS &amp SILENT FORCE) on August 16th at the Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany had to be cancelled for the above-stated reasons. As was the case with Sonic Dynamite, PINK CREAM 69's forthcoming CD was produced by Dennis Ward at the House of Audio Studios in Karlsdorf, Germany.

Here is PARADISE LOST's official statament regarding the cancellation of the group's Easy Schorre gig in Halle, Germany on May 21st:


'PARADISE LOST have had to cancel thier forthcoming gig at the Easy Schorre in Halle, Germany on Monday the 21st May. However PL's support band THE 69 EYES are still playing at the gig, and ticket holders should contact the gig for further information, or a refund.


'The cancellation has happed because a member of [drummer] Lee [Morris]' family has passed away, and Lee will be attending the funeral on the day of the gig.


'All options were tried before the gig was cancelled, but it was just impossible to get Lee out of England and into Germany in time for the gig.


'All our thoughts are with Lee and his family in this time of need.'


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