November 2006 - Blabbermouth Archive

MUSHROOMHEAD: 'Savior Sorrow' Receives Vinyl Release

MUSHROOMHEAD's new album, "Savior Sorrow", has just been released on double vinyl. It is a two-LP set on metallic gray and is a limited-edition release of 2,000. MUSHROOMHEAD was recently interviewed on "Precious Metal with Sanaz". Watch the interview online at As previously reported, MUSHROOMHEAD's video for "Simple Survival", the debut single ...

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PYREXIA, AEON, DECREPIT BIRTH: European Tour Cancelled

The previously announced European tour featuring PYREXIA, AEON, DECREPIT BIRTH, and INHERIT DISEASE has been cancelled. Commented DECREPIT BIRTH guitarist Matt Sotelo in an online posting, "The booking company called off the tour due to the fact that dates were not getting finalized and time was running out. I'm really bummed, we were getting ready... ...

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Report: Loud, Proud And Metal To The Core

Iain Shedden of The Australian reports: Headbanging is a multi-skilled occupation. There is, for example, the side to side, which involves shaking the head while whipping one's hair around with each motion. Then there's the whiplash, a particularly violent procedure developed by AC/DC's Angus Young that sends the hair all over the shop ...

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