November 25, 2004

ATOMIZER bassist/vocalist Jason Healey has co-written a song with PUNGENT STENCH for an "ATOMIZER vs PUNGENT STENCH" seven-inch single that should emerge sometime next year. "It's not a typical ATOMIZER or PUNGENT track," Healey writes on ATOMIZER's web site. "[It's] very 'traditional' '80s black-thrash kinda stuff, but with a tongue-in-cheek kinda aura. The two tracks we recorded were 'Nucular DeaSS' and 'Warhead' (by VENOM, of course). Shame Suds [ATOMIZER drummer] couldn't have appeared on it also, but logistically, some things are not possible."

In other news, Hells Headbangers Records will be issuing ATOMIZER's "Songs Of Slaughter - Songs Of Sacrifice" double seven-inch picture disc on December 7. "This will be limited to 200 copies, and will also feature an insert as well as a cloth bag to house the EPs and insert," Healey says. Meanwhile, Agonia Records will release a stand-alone mini-CD version of "Songs of Slaughter" featuring different artwork and a cover of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH's "Speak English Or Die".

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