AUTUMN BLACK Members Open 'Rock 'N' Roll Pizza' Parlor In California

January 6, 2007

Ruben and Albert Platt, founding members of the Los Angeles metal/hardcore act AUTUMN BLACK (MySpace),have taken the concept of the "music community" a step further. They have purchased a pizza parlor in Paramount, CA and it is run by their own band as well as other local musicians who need to earn some extra money. The twins, who in addition to their partnership in their band, are also both college graduates with degrees in biochemistry. The pizza idea was born out of the need for up and coming musicians to have jobs that understand their sporadic availabilities.

"The original concept behind the place was to give our band members a job that would wait for them between tours and recording sessions," explains Albert. "I've seen so many bands fall apart because the members can't afford to survive while they're trying to make it. This way, the guys in our band will always have a job to come back to if they need to earn some money when we're not out there working on the band."

"And, so that we can keep it going when we're not here," adds identical twin brother Ruben, "We've got some of our buddies in other bands who are ready to step in and work while we're either touring or busy in the studio. You'd be surprised how many multi-talented musicians live in this town," he laughs. "Jon (AUTUMN BLACK guitarist Jonathan Koch) is a great cook in addition to being a behavioral therapist and of course a kick-ass guitar player. We make really good New York-style pizza." The specialties of the house are already bringing locals back for more. Most popular is the BBQ Chicken Cilantro Pizza along with the Mr V which is purely vegetarian. There's the green pizza which is made with pesto sauce and the Volcano which is super-spicy. And, of course, the Autumn Black Pizza. "That one has every single ingredient on it," laughs Albert. "It's not like any pizza you've ever tasted anywhere."

For now you can find Albert and guitarist Jonathan Koch in the kitchen making pizzas while Ruben and drummer Chris Daigle are either waiting on you or behind the cash register. But look for them to be gone on the road soon before they come back in the summer to start work on their second album for Throwdown Records.

Piggy's Rock 'N' Roll Pizza is located at 15337 Paramount Blvd. in Paramount, CA.

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