Bassist JEFF PILSON Explains Why He's Not Interested In DOKKEN Reunion

August 15, 2005

Bassist Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, DIO, FOREIGNER) has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Well, it's been a long time. In fact, I'd say I'm wayyyyy overdue at getting everyone up-to-date at what's been going on. I must confess, between traveling, fatherhood, and a host of projects which have pretty much soaked up any remaining time in my schedule, I've been hard-pressed to sit down and take the time to simply put finger to keyboard (the modern derivative of pen to paper!!!). Let me attempt to catch up now. In this commentary I'd like to address a myriad of questions that I've gotten in recent months through e-mail or Internet boards, and hopefully shed a little light on things. I also want to update everyone on recent projects and what's to be coming soon. There's much to report so let's get started.

"As to the recent rumors of a DOKKEN reunion, let me tell you what I do and don't know of the situation. First off, I am not privy to any discussions between actual band members regarding a current reunion, and have not been formally approached. I do speak with George (Lynch) frequently and he has said he is interested in pursuing the idea. He is also aware that I am not interested in a reunion at this time. I know his manager has spoken with Don's, but I don't know where any of that has led. I also told George that in the event those guys wanted to do a reunion without me, I'd give it my full blessing. He said he'd prefer I be there, but was leaving the door open. I've also said that if it looked like the right opportunity presented itself, and it necessitated my being there — I would certainly keep the door open. But I don't see that as being the case at the moment. I haven't spoken with Don or Mick in quite a while, so I can't begin to vouch for where they are in all this. I think it's safe to say that it's primarily speculation at this point, and fairly limited at that.

"As to why I don't wish a reunion at this time, I guess I should explain myself. Number one, I'm very, very happy in my life right now — including everything going on in my career. And where I'm extremely proud to have been a part of DOKKEN, and all the accomplishments we made, I don't see where much would be accomplished putting that group of people together again, at least at this time. I also continue to be grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way as a result of my years with DOKKEN. I'm honestly happy for Don that he's kept it together, and he deserves a lot of credit for that, but it seems we're all much happier apart. I do know what it's like from the fan perspective to want a band you love to just stay together as is. I'm a huge old GRAND FUNK fan, and it's hard to understand why Mark, Don and Mel can't work together — but it's so different being on the inside — and that I do understand! It's kind of like, why would you rekindle an old marriage that wasn't working when you're so extremely happy with the new one??!! And I really am happy with all the opportunities presented to me right now. I absolutely love being in FOREIGNER. Not only are they all a fabulous bunch of guys (the laughs and humor are endless),but the quality and professionalism of the band is unmatched. We totally kick ass!! I have that old feeling of 'We could take over the world' every time we play. It was the same feeling I had playing live with DIO, and there's no feeling like it. For me, performing is all about fun at this stage of my career — and fun for me is going out and kicking complete ass every single night. I also love the ability to do records with WAR AND PEACE (and hopefully some kind of a tour somewhere down the road- another band that inspires that 'world domination' feeling!),and I do believe there will come a day when George Lynch, Fro and I get to do another LYNCH/PILSON record, and maybe this time we can go out and do at least a handful of shows. The thought of all those things really excites me, and I wouldn't want to ever do a DOKKEN reunion unless I felt a similar feeling about it. And right now I just don't. I'm never closing the door, but I'm not even close to holding my breath either! I've made a commitment to myself to never do anything musical for the money. I choose to be in this only for those rare and beautiful moments in life when inspiration shines its blessed face on whatever it is I'm doing. That's a hard thing to live up to, but so far it's been working. And in that I want to once again thank all those wonderful people out there who have been so supportive of my endeavors, and hope I can see more and more of you out on the wild and wooly road!

"Speaking of the road, I do hope all of you get a chance to see FOREIGNER very soon. The band is absolutely brilliant, and one I couldn't be more proud of. Let me put it this way, I had no desire at all to be on the road right now. Here I'd finally decided to settle down and start a family (and one I couldn't be more grateful for),and even Ravinder (my darling Mrs. Pilson) tells me I've got to go play with this band. And she's the one who has the burden of being single Mom while I'm away. But I think the chemistry FOREIGNER has really projects in a way that is so rare in bands these days. It's really that good. Kelly Hansen is nailing the vocals like so few vocalists of all time ever could, and what an honor it is playing those songs. Mick Jones is a class individual, as well as the great talented songwriter/guitarist he's known to be. That along with Jason's (Bonham) drumming — whom I lock in with so comfortably and powerfully, Tom Gimbel's multi-talented musicality, and Jeff Jacob's amazing keyboard playing makes for one dream band — that's for sure!!! It really is something to see and I hope to keep meeting more and more of you out there. In fact, I'd like to get a consensus from everyone if we should get some kind of a meet-and-greet situation together for people from this website. The FOREIGNER management people are so very wonderful and accommodating in all this. I'm sure we could make it a nice situation for everyone. Do let me know on that.

"I also want to clear something up regarding a CD that's come out with some of the DOKKEN demos that I sang. I know Cleopatra has released 'It's Not Love' on some compilation CD, and I believe 'Back For the Attack' is coming out on a George Lynch historical CD. My knowledge on all that is pretty much the same as yours, and there's not much else I can tell you (although I have heard that Don Dokken has taken legal measures to prevent 'Back For the Attack' from coming out on George's release). I did get a sampler of the CD with 'It's Not Love', and I can tell you exactly what these are. They are from the studio the day that George and I wrote the lyrics and melodies, and this was just one take of each song to show Don how the melody went — they call this a guide vocal. These are the same things that Kirsten posted on the DOKKEN website several years ago. Are they worth buying? Only for the curious. It's interesting to see some of the inner workings of the band in those days, but it's certainly no glossy production! Well, I can honestly assure you that I had nothing to do with these coming out, and I certainly haven't seen a dime from any of it, but I also have no problem with these being released. I also read some comment that Don made regarding the whole thing and was a bit taken back by his comments. I found his insinuation that myself (or George, I guess) would have sold these out of desperation as insulting and hypocritical. Especially when you consider that Don recently released that 'Live Japan' CD from '95, and it was never intended to be sold commercially. It was a very generous gift from Mr. Udo (long \time and infamous Japanese promoter and good friend of the band) for our personal enjoyment, and he certainly never thought the band would sell it for commercial gain. And I might add, by the way, that George and I never saw a dime from that — which we are absolutely entitled to. But I guess that just underscores some of the negative energy surrounding the original DOKKEN, and why it's best left as, hopefully, a cherished memory.

"The BENEDICTUM record is finally done, and it's looking like it'll be an October release (in Europe). I'm going to see about maybe making it available on this website, I really think people are going to love it. It came out mind-boggling! The band is phenomenal (Pete Wells is the next guitar God as far as I'm concerned),and Veronica Freeman has a voice that MUST BE HEARD TO BE BELIEVED! I'm proud of these guys and the record we came up with. The CD will be called 'Uncreation', and like I said, look for it in October.

"Also, watch for the show 'Trailer Fabulous' on MTV Wednesday nights at ten (the 'ten spot'). The show is hosted by ZuZu artist Brooks Buford, and the theme song is a co-write between Tommy Henriksen, Brooks and myself. The show is absolutely hysterical, and Brooks is brilliant. I had brought up this record before (we did it a couple years ago),how funny that it finally surfaces so much later. Maybe this will lead to the whole CD (which is a great rock/ hip hop record) to finally see the light of day. Hey — a reason to watch MTV in 2005!!!

"The CLEAR STATIC CD is coming out soon on Maverick Records. The band's tour with DURAN DURAN led to a bidding war on the group, and Maverick won! They really get the band and plan on putting out a dance single version of the song 'Make-up Sex' in September. Then a rock single called 'Tuesday on my Mind' to follow soon after. This record will be ZuZu's crowning achievement of the last three years — at least we believe so!! It's so good to finally have a label that gets the band and has such a great game plan for success. Perseverance really is the key to survival in this business!

"Oh, I also plan on mixing the WAR AND PEACE live CD in the coming month or so — finally seeing a bit of time where that could happen. Then maybe we can see a release early next year. Still anxious for everyone to check that one out! And thanx again for your patience with me on it. May it be worth the wait!!!

"Well, that's about it for now kids. Let's get some life back in to that forum of ours! I've got a laptop that I take with me on the road now, so I can also be a bigger contributor. There's so much great music out there, and I can't think of a better bunch of folks I'd like to share it with. Keep the faith, and we'll talk soon. Take care."

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