October 19, 2005

Polish black metallers BEHEMOTH are currently in the middle of their most prestigious U.S. tour with DANZIG, CHIMAIRA, HIMSA, MORTIIS and THE AGONY SCENE. The band have just hit the East Cost. Mainman Nergal checks in from the road with the following statement:

"This tour has been great success for us. Every night we play in front of 1,000-2,000 people which is nothing but awesome! Being the most extreme band on the bill makes it really challenging, but all I can say after doing 17 shows is that we definitely managed to conquer most of those crowds."

Nergal continues: "San Francisco was one of this tour's highlights for us. Surprisingly every show there is better and better. Cleveland was also the best show we've played in this city so far and I'm happy we finally made it up for those who missed us on KING DIAMOND tour there. Ah, yeah…I can't forget to mention the party with MESHUGGAH and GOD FORBID plus our labelmates that went on few blocks from the venue. It was WILD, I can assure you! My body is still suffering from this night though ha ha…By the way, thanx to Sean for hooking us up with sooooo many drinks! Cheers bro!

"Jaxx was probably the best off show on this tour. It looks like we have a great following there. Respect to all those crazy freaks who made this night so memorable! A special hello to those cute bartenders, ha ha…u know why. Montreal was nothing but amazing. I could go one forever with complements on how great the Canadian crowd is…and I really mean it. NYC was a killer show too despite the fact that my amp went dead during the set…

"We are in Providence now. Before the show, Orion, Malta and I took a walk downtown and let me tell u something: this is one of the most charming places I've visited in this country. I ended up buying some IGGY POP, HANK WILLIAMS III and new DEPECHE MODE CDs in the local record store while Orion got himself a sweet ILSA 3-DVD box set. The concert itself was fun, ha ha. Those who showed up, know what I mean. It was cool watching these surprised faces when we entered the stage. They seemed to be shit-scared, but by the end of the show we made them move and go crazy…the whole point of this tour. Fuck yeah."

In other news, BEHEMOTH drummer Inferno has just signed an endorsement deal with the drum-stick company Vic Firth. Marco Soccoli, the company’s A&R guy, had a meeting with Inferno on October 17 in New York. Within a few weeks, Inferno will get his first signed drum sticks manfucatured. This is what Inferno had to say about it:

"I'd like to send my huge appreciation to Marco for making this deal happen. This is the best sticks I've (ab)used, ever! Can't wait to play my signed models!"

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