BEHEMOTH: New Album Update

February 8, 2004

Polish black/death metallers BEHEMOTH are continuing work on their seventh full-length album, "Demigod", tentatively due in late 2004 through Regain Records (Europe),Century Media (USA and South America) and Mystic (Poland). So far, nine songs have been completed for the follow-up to 2002's "Zos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond" (Avantgarde),which will be recorded this spring and will feature the lineup of Nergal (guitars and vocals),Inferno (drums),and Seth (bass, guitars).

Commented Nergal: "We are extremely busy with the new stuff. It's going the direction we want, there is no doubt about it. Songs are the continuation of our latest album but it seems that the new stuff is gonna be way more intense and brutal. Some of it will be a bit slower, with a groove...but most of it is just unbelievably fast and technical. That's what we've already started on 'Zos…'. But all the ideas will be pushed even further now...which in result will give you the strongest record we've ever made.

"I've got tons of stuff written though there are no final versions of the lyrics for 'Demigod'," he continued. "But one thing is certain. It's all about things we experience in our lives... I think I'm not far from the truth if I say that it's gonna have the most vital energy of all the albums, with a very powerful and mighty approach to it. Some of the lyrics I'm working on right now have titles such as: 'XUL', 'Babylon 2004 e.v.', 'Sculpturing the Throne ov Seth'. There's also gonna be a song called 'Conquer All' which title speaks for itself. It's about how much we strive for greatness in our lives, compromising with nobody. It tells how much pain it takes to transgress into new beings, by leaving all the shit behind and taking only what's good and valuable. It's...all that gave me so much strength and self-confidence. I push myself thru snow and rain but in the end of the day I will get exactly what I want. The best of all there is..."

Check out a few photos taken during the rehearsal sessions at this location.

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