BEHEMOTH Set Working Title For New Album

January 8, 2004

Polish black/death metallers BEHEMOTH have set "Demigod" as the working title of their seventh full-length album, tentatively due in late 2004 through Regain Records (Europe),Century Media (USA and South America) and Mystic (Poland). The follow-up to 2002's "Zos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond" (Avantgarde) will be recorded this spring and will feature the lineup of Nergal (guitars and vocals),Inferno (drums),and Seth (bass, guitars).

"2003 was probably the most hard working period in band's history," commented Nergal. "Especially the US leg of ZOS KIA tour, more than 60 shows that we played, was a breaking point for BEHEMOTH. We took a very short break after last shows, and now we focus totally on writing..."

"I'm very excited about new songs," Nergal continued. "We've just started working on new songs and developing ideas and riffs I've been working on for last months. It's just insane, I can tell you. This new stuff is going to be so much ahead of what we've done before...we've never reached such a point of intensity. Working title for our seventh album is 'Demigod' and this should tell you everything about what it will sound like. With no doubts it's gonna be the most devastating, technical and crushing record we've ever come up with! New riffs just flow, the working atmosphere is just perfect...we've got so much new inspiration lately. It will all have strong impact on what you will hear on 'Demigod'."

BEHEMOTH are also planning to complete the mixing of their first official DVD during the coming months.

"Well, it's highly possible that we will release long time planned DVD this year," Nergal said. "We have some labels interested in putting it out. We have hours and hours of materials, two professionally filmed shows, video clips and tons of really extreme stuff to be featured...It's gonna be the quality, great DVD material, totally authorized by the band, unlike the shitty DVD 'The Art Of Rebellion' that we consider as a bootleg release."

Before BEHEMOTH enter the studio to record the new album, they will invade Israel for the first time ever for a one-off exclusive appearance. In March they will be playing two shows in Greece with Norway's CARPATHIAN FOREST. More information will be made available soon.

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