BEHEMOTH: Tour Update

March 11, 2005

Polish death/black metallers BEHEMOTH have completed nearly 100 shows in support to their latest album, "Demigod", and are still hungry for more. Frontman Nergal checked in with the following message before crossing the Russian border:

"This is insane. I know. But we can do nothing bout the fact that we love what we do and believe me or not: WE WANT MORE!!! We have just completed 33 dates in North America and it was amazing. I mean, touring with such a legend like SUFFOCATION was an awesome experience. It was the best American tour we've done so far. I'd like to thank our brothers from SUFFOCATION for being so friendly and helpful. Also all the other bands on the bill became our good friends. CATTLE DECAPITATION, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, DEVIL INSIDE or MISERY INDEX, thank you for being a part of this killer voyages! See ya soon on the road!

"Something has to be said bout the American crowds, too... I remember that not so long ago we were struggling so hard to get any recognision in North America. This time, I could easily see that BEHEMOTH legions on that continent have grown so much. Thank u for coming to the shows, buying our merchandise and new album. It's going great and it obviously wouldn't without your tremendous support! YOU ROCK TOTALLY!!! See ya all soon on my 'dream team' tour with KING DIAMOND!!!"

In other news, BEHEMOTH recently played 11 sold-out dates in Poland, along with their countrymates PANDEMONIUM and FRONTSIDE.

"This is our third tour in Poland and after doing this I feel so relaxed and fulfilled," Nergal said. "The turnouts were simply amazing. I can see it was worth of having this 2 years long absence in any live activities, here in Poland. It truly paid off. And in fact it was THE BEST POLISH shows we've done, EVER!!! With average 500 people turnout, every single place was special and I know it's because of our fans' TREMENDOUS support and loyalty. I'm sorry that u had to wait that long, but keep this in mind: BEHEMOTH LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

The Russian leg of BEHEMOTH's tour is scheduled to kick off on March 12 in Belarus. Having cancelled their previous Russian tour in support of "Zos Kia Cultus", Nergal is anxious to return to the Eastern lands.

"Oh yeah, it's gonna be amazing," he said. "I simply can't wait to do all these shows. I know that last time we had to cancel all the dates due to schedule change but this time we are coming for 100 percent. I feel thrilled bout flying over to, it's sick! I doubt if ANY foreign band ever played there. But that's the whole point of our existence. We wanna challenge ourselves, and wanna play for all those crazy freaks all around the world. It gives sense to our's just great! HORNS UP AND GET READY FOR ARRRRMAGEDDON!!!"

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