October 15, 2009

Icelandic death metallers BENEATH have signed a deal with California-based label Mordbrann Musikk for the worldwide release of their debut EP, entitled "Hollow Empty Void". The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Johann Ingi Sigurdsson at Fossland Studio and is scheduled for release in November. It will contain four tracks plus two bonus live tracks for a total of six tracks of calculating, apocalyptic death metal.

BENEATH's members are no strangers to the Icelandic metal scene, with current and former bands including SORORICIDE, CHANGER, ATRUM and DIABOLUS. The band played its first gig supporting THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER on their stop in Iceland in January and performed at the 2009 edition of the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, establishing themselves as one of the frontrunners of the Icelandic metal scene.

Comments GĂ­sli of BENEATH: "We are very excited about this deal with Mordbrann Musikk. While we are a new band we are confident that the time to strike is now. Since both the band and label share the same goal of getting BENEATH known outside of our home country it's an excellent pairing."


Gisli Sigmundsson - Vocals
Johann Ingi Sigurdsson - Guitar
Unnar Sigurdsson - Guitar
Gisli Runar Gudmundsson - Bass
Ragnar Sverrisson - Drums

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