BENEATH THE MASSACRE: Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online

July 2, 2008

Montreal's BENEATH THE MASSACRE has posted the first in a series of in-studio videos featuring footage from Northern Studio in Quebec while the band was tracking material for its forthcoming album, "Dystopia", which is scheduled for an October release through Prosthetic Records. The clip can be seen below.

Recorded again with Yannick St-Amand (DESPISED ICON, ION DISSONANCE, NEURAXIS) and featuring artwork from Felix Rancourt (which can be seen in the video),"Dystopia" is the follow-up to 2007's "Mechanics of Dysfunction", the band's Prosthetic debut after first releasing an EP with Galy Records.
"We're all stoked for the new album," frontman Elliot Desgagnes says. "The songs are by far the weirdest, most intense songs we have ever written. It's great to finally listen to all the crazy ideas we had.... After six weeks of intense tracking, we're also relieved that's it's all done. The writing process was hard and exhausting since we wrote most of it on the road, but we can now say that it worth it and we cannot wait to release the album and play the new songs on our upcoming tour. We're also stoked to get back to touring the U.S. more frequently starting this September with NECROPHAGIST."

BENEATH THE MASSACRE recently completed a string of dates, dubbed the Montreal Assault Tour, alongside DESPISED ICON, ION DISSONANCE, and THE PLASMARIFLE, and is now gearing up for a high-profile slot on the Canadian run of the Summer Slaughter Tour, also featuring NECROPHAGIST, DYING FETUS, INTO ETERNITY, new labelmates NEURAXIS, WHITECHAPEL, and VEIL OF MAYA. Upon completion in late August, BENEATH THE MASSACRE will continue on with NECHROPHAGIST for a tour on American soil, details on that will be available shortly.

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