BILL AUCOIN On 'Lance Hefts Inspiration'; Video Available

June 30, 2010

A clip from last month's episode of the PBS show "Lance Hefts Inspiration" featuring legendary rock manager Bill Aucoin can be viewed below.

Aucoin, who discovered KISS in 1973, died on Monday (June 28) of surgical complications from prostate cancer. Aucoin, who was a former TV cinematographer shepherded the band into makeup, helped develop their bombastic live show, and initially financed KISS with his American Express card. He helped get them signed as the first act on Casablanca Records and was a major player in the groundbreaking and unbridled merchandising of the band throughout the '70s.

Peter Criss, who had Aucoin serve as the best man at his second wedding said, "He was the fifth KISS (member). If it wasn't for Bill, there would be no KISS. He was a genius. Anything you could do, he could do bigger."

After splitting with KISS, Aucoin managed both BILLY SQUIER and BILLY IDOL.

He's survived by his longtime partner, Roman Fernandez, and two sisters, Betty Britton and Janet Bankowski.

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