BitTorrent News Web Site Claims It Has Proof BUCKCHERRY 'Leak' Was Inside Job

July 31, 2008

The popular BitTorrent news web site TorrentFreak has published a lengthy article allegedy exposing the recent "leak" of a BUCKCHERRY track, "Too Drunk…", as covert form of self-promotion. According to the site, the track wasn't leaked by pirates, but by one of the band's managers.

When BUCKCHERRY found out that its latest single had leaked on BitTorrent, the band didn't try to cover this up, or take the file down. Instead, they issued a press release, where they stated: "Honestly, we hate it when this s*** happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first."

According to TorrentFreak, the uploader of the original file, a New York resident, had only uploaded one torrent, the BUCKCHERRY track. When TorrentFreak entered the IP-address into the Wiki-scanner, it apparently found out that the person in question had edited the BUCKCHERRY Wikipedia entry, and added the name of the band manager to another page.

After sending the band manager — who happens to live in New York — an email to ask for his opinion on its findings, TorrentFreak says that it received a response to its email within a few hours, and found out that the manager's IP address was the same as that of the uploader.

Read the entire TorrentFreak article at this location.

BUCKCHERRY recently released a "dirty viral video" for "Too Drunk…". Watch it below.

(Thanks: Cristobal Lagos)

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