BLACK SABBATH Drummer To Co-Host WPMD's 'Rock 50'

October 31, 2002

On Saturday, Nov. 2, BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward will once again be the "in studio" co-host with Mike Stark on WPMD Radio 1700 AM's "Rock 50" show in Los Angeles, California. The show will air between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. "Bill will be sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects, spinning his favorite music and taking YOUR phone calls," states an official press release. "Bill will also co-host 'Rock 50' on November 30th. Don't miss these very special programs from this heavy metal original."

For more information on WPMD Radio 1700 AM's "Rock 50", click here.

In other news, Ward has announced that he will release about 2,000 commemorative CD packages containing his latest solo single, "Straws". The artwork for "Straws" is nearing completion and roughly 1,000 CD packages will be delivered before Dec. 1.

"Since the release of 'Straws' on the Internet, the work to release the CD packages has been underway," reads a message on the drummer's official web site. "Each CD will be numbered, it's a limited edition, and the packages are not for sale. At least 1,000 copies will be sent first to Bill's family, friends, fellow musicians, producers, engineers, journalists and some radio stations. Further recipients include establishments for humanitarian causes, peace support groups and individuals, and finally governmental heads of state or countries across the world."

The following is a quote from Ward which will appear on the back of the CD package:

"In our arrogance, we often feel the desire to beat on our own chests, in celebration of how far, as human beings, we've progressed. However, let us not do that so quickly. Not as long as continuing wars permeate, destroy and threaten the existence of life itself on our planet. Instead can we stop briefly and see how utterly archaic we really can be. Perhaps when the word 'war' means nothing to any living souls anywhere. A time when war has become a thing of the past. Perhaps then we can give ourselves some polite applause. For real human progress.'

No information has yet been made available on where the other 1,000 CD packages will go.

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